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How To Quickly Complete This Prince Ali Rescue Quest In Old School RuneScape? - A Comprehensive Guide

Feb 21 ,2024

Hello and welcome to another OSRS quest guide. In this guide, we’ll explain all the tips you need to know to complete this Prince Ali Rescue quest! This quest will give you access to Al Kharid Toll Gate for free, so it’s a useful quest!

This is primarily a get and carry mission. There are no real requirements other than to be careful of level 26 Jailers. You don’t need to fight them, but can damage them when entering at a very low level. Don’t forget, 2-3 Lumbridge Teleports and some Energy or Stamina Potion will help speed things up!

How To Quickly Complete This Prince Ali Rescue Quest In Old School RuneScape? - A Comprehensive Guide

Collect Items

First, we’re going to Varrock, specifically Thessalia’s Fine Clothes, where we need to buy a Pink Skirt for 2 OSRS Gold.

You can then buy 3 bottles of beer from the nearest bar for 2 coins each. Or go to Barbarian Village and collect 3 bottles of beer from the longhouse.

It’s time to mine. Grab your Pickaxe and head to Rimmington or Dwarven Mine to mine 1 Copper Ore, 1 Tin Ore and 1 piece of Clay. Find the furnace nearest you and smelt Copper and Tin into a Bronze bar.

Afterwards we will go to Wydin’s Food Store in Port Sarim. Here we want to buy a Pot of Flour for 10 coins and some Redberries for 3 coins.

Next, pick up Axe and Tinderbox, chop down any tree, and light the logs on fire. Wait a minute for the fire to die down and collect the ashes. Or if you see someone else’s fire go out and they leave ashes behind, pick them up.

In Lumbridge, go to Castle Kitchen and make sure you have Clay you mined earlier. Pick up a kettle from the table and place it in the sink. Now, use it on Clay you mined earlier to get Soft Clay needed for the mission. Before you go, remember to refill your jug to get Jug of Water you need.

Next, we need 3 Balls of Wool to make the wig. Fortunately, Lumbridge may be the best place to do this. So grab your shears and shear the 3 sheep in the field north of the castle. Then head to Castle Spinning Wheel to spin the wool into Balls of Wool.

Still in Lumbridge area, you can catch 2 Onions from the vegetable patch behind Farmer Fred’s house. Make sure you have 5 coins as you are going west to Draynor Village and have Aggie make Yellow Dye for you.

The last item we need is some rope. The most convenient option is to buy some rope from Ned in Draynor Village for 18 coins.

Old School RuneScape: Prince Ali Rescue Quest Map

Start Your Quest

Now that we have all the items, we are finally ready to start the quest.

We need to go to Al Kharid Palace and talk to Chancellor Hassan, accept the quest and he will take you to Osman. Osman is outside the palace, the man in the black hood.

After you find him, he will briefly explain the circumstances of the prince’s capture, and then guide you to see his contact person, Leela. But you can totally skip this section because we don’t actually need to talk to her before we need Cell Key.

Find Skin Paste

Let’s head to Draynor Village to get our Skin Paste and Yellow Dye from Aggie. For this step, you will need Bucket of Water, Pot of Flour, Redberries and Ashes.

Making Blonde Wig

Then find Ned. He is also in Draynor Village. Give him your Balls of Wool and get the wig. Once you get it, use Yellow Dye immediately to get Blonde Wig. At this point, we should have everything we need except Cell Key.

Old School RuneScape: Prince Ali Rescue Quest Route

Get Cell Key

Then make sure you take Soft Clay into the jail and talk to Lady Keli. Click on the options and choose the option that best suits her, also known as options (1, 1, 2, 1, 1). This will leave an imprint of your key in Soft Clay.

Next, use Lumbridge Teleport and return to Osman from there. Talk to him and he will take Bronze bar and key imprint from your inventory and tell you to collect the key from Leela. So, after the conversation, head all the way back to Draynor Village.

Then, you need to find Leela between the wheat fields and the jail east of Draynor Village. After talking to her, she will give you Cell Key.

Rescue Prince

Finally, we get to the actual rescue part of the mission. Before doing this, make sure you have Rope, Skirt, Skin Paste, Wig, 3 Beers, and Cell Key.

After entering the jail, talk to the guard. Give him a bottle of beer and he will drink all 3 bottles of beer. Since the guard is incapacitated, we only need to pay attention to Lady Keli. Just use the rope on her and you will tie her up and put her in the cabinet. We are now free to rescue the prince.

Enter the cell and talk to the prince and he will disguise himself and escape. From here, use another Lumbridge Teleport and return to Chancellor Hassan in Al Kharid. Talk to him to complete the mission.

OSRS Prince Ali Rescue Quest Reviews


After completing the quest, the rewards you can receive include: 3 Quest Points, 700 coins and Free Use of Al Kharid Toll Gate. You may have noticed that when you use the gate on the return trip, you already have the gate. That concludes this guide. I hope this Prince Ali Rescue quest guide was useful to you!

How To Complete This F2P Vampyre Slayer Quest In Old School RuneScape?

Feb 08 ,2024

Here we bring Vampyre Slayer quest guide! This is a great F2P quest that can be completed at low levels, and it gives an awesome 5k Attack XP!

This is a simple mission. The only requirement is being able to defeat a level 34 Vampyre with health regeneration. In this fight, I’ll show you the standard way of fighting, as well as using Magic to reach a safe point and defeat Vampyre.

In terms of items, you’ll need a Hammer and a Beer or 3 OSRS Gold, plus Melee or Magic combat gear, depending on which method you want to used to kill Count Draynor. Chronicle or Varrock Teleport and, as always, some Energy or Stamina Potions will save you some time.

Talk To Morgan

To begin the quest, head to Draynor Village, just north of Ned’s home. Once there, enter the house and talk to Morgan to accept the quest.

How To Complete This F2P Vampyre Slayer Quest In Old School RuneScape?

Collect Garlic

Before leaving Morgan’s house, go upstairs. Then go around to the back of the room, open and search the cupboard for some garlic. Actually, you don’t really need this item, but it will make your fight with Count Draynor a lot easier.

Coincidentally, collecting garlic from this cabinet and selling it to GE is also a good way to make money! You need to make sure you have 3 coins, and assuming you brought Chronicle as recommended, use it or the standard teleport to reach Varrock. Once here, head to Blue Moon Inn.

Talk To Dr Harlow

Once inside, you can buy a standard beer from the bartender for 2 coins. Then talk to Dr Harlow, the swinger with the blood on his apron. Tell him “Morgan needs his help” and he’ll ask for a beer. Talk to him again and give him beer, and he will give you a bet during the rest of the narrative.

Buy Hammer

Now we only need to get one more item to kill Vampyre, and that’s Hammer. Go north from the inn and buy a Hammer from Varrock general store for 1 OSRS Gold.

Defeat Count Draynor

At this point, we need to prepare for the upcoming battle with Count Draynor.

Melee Combat

You can do this the old-fashioned way and use Melee to kill Count Draynor. This quest recommends a combat level of 20, but I think you can kill him at a lower level.

Anyway, grab your best Melee Gear and Armor. I recommend picking up Mithril Scimitar and at least full Steel, some food, and of course Garlic, Stake and Hammer!

Enter the crypt, click on Coffin and duel with Count. Once he’s dead, congratulations! You have completed the mission and will be rewarded with 3 Quest Points and 4,825 Attack XP. If you get killed or struggle, I recommend leveling up a little more, upgrading your gear or bringing more/better food. Then come back and try again.

Old School RuneScape: Vampyre Slayer Quest Squares Position

Magic Combat

Another way is to use Magic to kill Count Draynor. This is a brilliant method as it allows you to kill Count at a much lower overall combat level.

Also, you can do some simple tasks to gain enough Magic levels to kill this Count. I recommend getting at least level 13 Magic for this in order to use a Fire Strike.

Therefore, you need to complete Witch’s Potion and Imp Catcher quests before then. This will get you to Magic level around level 10. Once you’ve completed this, head to Chickens in Lumbridge to get an additional 3 Magic levels.

In terms of equipment, you should prepare Wizards Robes, a Hat, Training Shield, a Fire Staff, Wind & Mind Runes, an Amulet of Magic, Leather Vambraces, Cape and Leather Boots.

Also, if your combat level is still low, bring enough food. Remember to keep Garlic, Stake, and Hammer!

When ready, enter the crypt and click on Coffin to summon Count. Instead of dueling him this time, run into the square shown on the screen and make sure Count follows you.

He is in the square next to you. Right click and select the “walk here” option. When you do this, Count will switch places with you or move into one of the other adjacent squares. What we want him to do is switch places. So if he doesn’t, return to the starting square and repeat the right-click “walk here” process until he switches with you.

Once you have him swap, move into the square diagonally adjacent to him so that the skeleton is between you and him. He can’t hit you in this position. At this point, you just need to make sure Fire Strike is set to auto-cast and attack him, and you should be able to kill him from this safe spot.

One thing to keep in mind with both methods is that if you take too long to kill him, the instance will reset and you will have to start fighting him again. If you can tire him out, you’ll automatically kill him with Stakes in the heart when his health drops to zero.

If you complete the mission, you’ll be rewarded with 3 Quest Points and 4,825 Attack XP. If you get killed within the time limit or have trouble killing him, go upgrade your Magic and come back. That concludes this guide. I hope you found this Vampyre Slayer Quest guide useful!

All The Preparation You Need To Get Into PVM In RuneScape 3

Feb 01 ,2024

In recent years, the information available to players who want to learn PVM has improved dramatically. The increase in information makes PVM more accessible to players. But meanwhile, Combat system itself and the bosses released have become increasingly complex.

For players who want to get into PVM, this can be extremely difficult. Because the amount of information to learn can be daunting, and it's hard to understand where to start. So in this guide, I want to share my advice on how to get started with PVM.

All The Preparation You Need To Get Into PVM In RuneScape 3

Before Entering

Before getting into the specific steps, I want you to remember three things.

First, you don’t need the best gear to get started. As with most bosses you’ll face, there’s a lot of leeway in the equipment you can use. You can often take on the same bosses with much lower gear, especially if you’re taking on “novice” or “intermediate” bosses.

High-level PVM players are looking for the fastest, most efficient kills, but you don’t have to do that when you first start learning. Your goal is just to improve your PVM skills and get kills. If you try to wait until you have all the best gear, you’ll never start PVM.

Second, don’t worry about death. As a PVM player, you need to accept death. The penalty for death is no longer as harsh as it once was, and all you have to do is pay a few RS3 Gold

Third, don’t be overwhelmed. Actions speak louder than thoughts. From boss mechanics to ability rotations, there’s going to be a lot of information here. But sometimes, things don’t make sense unless you’re in the fight. Similar to gear, if you wait until you know everything about bosses and PVM, you’ll never get started.

PvM Tips & Tricks for Runescape 3

With these general suggestions out of the way, let’s talk about how to actually get into PVM.

Combat Styles

First, we need to decide which Combat Style to use. You should eventually learn all Combat Styles, but which starting Combat Style you choose will help you become familiar with the combat mechanics.

While the game has reached the point where most bosses can be completed with any style, certain Combat Styles will make certain bosses easier.

I’m assuming here that you don’t have a specific boss goal in mind. Here, I would recommend Necromancy as your starting style. Compared with other styles, Necromancy is relatively simple and the equipment is easier to get. Plus, its damage output is currently insane. This means you’ll have a better time learning PVM using Necromancy.

If you don’t want to use Necromancy, my second choice would be Magic because of its versatility and utility in many bosses.

The style I don’t recommend you learn is Melee. While Melee is powerful in certain situations, it lacks range and must be right next to a boss to attack, making it a hard style for beginners.

Not to mention that Melee’s ultimate ability, Berserk, requires you to take more damage in order to deal more damage. While this is great for experienced PVM players, for beginners, the extra damage you take can be downright scary.

Runescape 3 PVM Meta: Which Combat Style Should You Pick?


Now that we have selected Combat Style, we need to prepare ourselves. Having decent gear will change your PVM experience.

While you don’t need to have the best gear here, you shouldn’t skip getting decent gear and go straight to the boss. Having the right gear will make your experience much easier.

Weapons have the greatest impact on your combat experience, as the differences between each weapon class are usually more noticeable than armor. For Necromancy, this means we should go for the highest level Death Guard and Skull Lantern.

Once you have your weapons, you’ll also need some armor. While Power Armor is usually preferred, at this point either Power or Tank Armor will do, it just depends on what you can get. Of course, make sure the armor you get is the same style as your weapon, as there are severe penalties for using the wrong armor style.

Finally, you can use invention and enhance your equipment with some beginner perks. Again, similar to upgrade priority, if you need a choice, choose to upgrade your weapons first.

RuneScape 3: Choose the best Gear

Boss Tips

Once we had our gear sorted, we moved on to the hardest part, the actual PVM.

Now I will divide the boss’ learning into two parts, learning the combat mechanism and the boss mechanism. Combat mechanics include what abilities to use, your key bindings, managing your potions and food, and more. Boss mechanics include understanding and responding to boss attacks.

You need to learn both, but you’ll have a hard time learning both at the same time. Therefore, we first need to decide what we want to learn.

I think it makes the most sense to improve the combat mechanics first. Being slightly familiar with the combat mechanics can make the boss’ learning process faster and easier.

Runescape 3: How to Learn Any Boss Tips & Tricks?

Combat Mechanics

For combat mechanics, I recommend arranging the keys in order first. The keys you need to bind are your Prayer, Food and Saradomin Brew, and Shield Switch.

If you set up key bindings from the start, it also means you don’t need to rebind and forget your PVM habits later. However, I would like to point out that this step is completely optional.

Once you have a combat setup, you could take that setup to something as simple as Slayer to test it out. After a few Slayer missions, you should be happy with your setup, which you can then apply to the actual boss.

Boss Mechanic

For boss mechanics, my suggestion is to start with a simple solo boss. I think Zamorak boss in God Wars Dungeon, K’ril Tsutsaroth, is a good choice.

K’ril is a fairly simple boss with a special attack that drains a lot of your health. Use K’ril to continue practicing your combat mechanics while also tackling boss fights more easily.

If you think K’ril is too easy, you can challenge God Wars Dungeon 2 boss, Vindicta. Vindicta has quite a few mechanics that require you to react and move when needed.

Once you’re familiar with killing Vindicta, you can further refine your combat mechanics. The first thing you need to do is add an Adrenaline Potion to your inventory, and learn ultimate rotation. Using ultimate rotation is key in all PVM fights to maximize the damage you do in that time frame.

Once you’re satisfied with ultimate rotation and killing Vindicta, you can move on to challenge Helwyr. Helwyr requires you to use some defensive measures, as well as bind a shield.

Once you’re able to consistently kill Helwyr and Vindicta, you could start to feel more comfortable with your combat abilities. At this point, you should also be able to make some money with these two bosses, so you can consider upgrading your gear.

At this stage, you should be able to deal with decent damage while also being able to deal with the boss’ mechanics effectively.

The Ultimate Runescape 3 PvM Guide

If you do wish to continue improving your abilities, I suggest the next steps are to kill Araxxor, then Telos. Both bosses will teach you how to better use defenses, how to prayer flick, and how to deal with multiple boss stages with different and more complex mechanics.

Note that Araxxor is a pretty big step up from Helwyr. If you get stuck, you can use Arch-Glacor and Kerapac as an intermediate step to get more PVM experience. Both bosses are available in normal and hard modes, so you can start off easy and increase the difficulty as needed.

I believe that if you can kill Araxxor and Telos, you can kill every boss in the game. If you’re starting over, here’s everything you need to know about starting PVM in 2024. I hope this PVM guide is helpful to you.

How To Complete F2P Shield Of Arrav Quest In OSRS? - A Step-By-Step Guide

Jan 26 ,2024

Hello and welcome to another F2P OSRS quest guide. In this guide, we’ll introduce Shield of Arrav Quest! This is a classic folk and the only F2P quest that requires a partner or second account.

This is a simple mission. The only requirements are a partner or a second account, and 20 OSRS gold coins or the ability to defeat a level 23 Weaponsmaster. Phoenix Gang Crossbows can be collected during missions and don’t require anything else, although some Energy Potions may save you some time.

A quick note on partner or second account setup. The easiest way to accomplish this task is to load 2 OSRS instances and log in with two different accounts. The account with the lowest combat effectiveness joins Phoenix Gang, and the account with the higher combat effectiveness joins Black Arm Gang.

Alternatively, you can join OSRS SOA chat group to find a partner. You might get a reply, and you can agree on a world and complete tasks together.

How To Complete F2P Shield Of Arrav Quest In OSRS? - A Step-By-Step Guide

Speak To Reldo (Phoenix)

To begin your search for Phoenix Gang, head to the library inside Varrock Palace and ask Reldo for the quest. He will tell you that there is a book in the library with details about Shield of Arrav.

Go to the bookcase shown, grab it and read it. Then go back and talk to Reldo again. Ask him about Phoenix Gang’s whereabouts and he will take you to Baraek.

Speak To Baraek (Phoenix)

Baraek is a Fur Trader located in Varrock Main Square. Talk to him about Phoenix Gang, and eventually he’ll ask for 20 OSRS Gold for the information. Pay the man and he will tell you about the hideout, located southeast of Blue Moon Inn.

OSRS: Southeast of Blue Moon Inn

Speak To Straven (Phoenix)

Go to the location shown. Go down the ladder. Talk to Straven and ask to join the gang. To prove your worth, he will ask you to kill a man named “Jonny the Beard” and get the report he carries. Agree and head to Blue Moon Inn.

Kill Jonny The Beard (Phoenix)

In the bar you’ll find the unfortunate Jonny, who has a huge beard and wears a black T-shirt with a skull and crossbones on it. Kill him and retrieve the report.

Weapon Key & Shield Half (Phoenix)

Once you report to Straven, you will be accepted into the gang. You will get Weapon Store Key and enter the hideout. Immediately, go to the hideout and enter the room with the chest. Open it and search to find the shield half.

Trade The Key (Phoenix)

All that’s left to do now is assist your partner or second account, get your certificate and submit the request.

Go outside and give Weapon Store Key to your partner. If they are an ironman, just “use” the item on them and you can give it to them.

OSRS: Shield of Arrav Phoenix Gang Quest Guide - Ironman Friendly

Speak To Charlie (Black Arm)

To start Black Arm Gang, talk to Charlie the tramp across from Blue Moon Inn. Ask him “What’s down the alley?” and he’ll tell you it’s the headquarters of Black Arm Gang.

Speak To Katrine (Black Arm)

Go down and enter the door there. Once inside, talk to Katrine and ask to join her gang. To prove herself, she will ask you to steal 2 Phoenix Crossbows from their rival Phoenix Gang.

Get 2 Phoenix Crossbows (Black Arm)

This is where your partners or other accounts come into play. Assuming you now have Weapon Key, head to Weapon Store just past the entrance to Phoenix Gang hideout.

Once inside, kill the level 23 Weaponsmaster. It’s not a tough fight. If you’re worried, just bring your melee gear and plenty of food.

If you don’t have enough combat level and your partner account does, make sure you have an extra key. You just need to follow them in and they can help you kill the weapon master.

Either way, you must kill him as he will prevent you from picking up Crossbows. After he’s dead, grab the 2 crossbows from the floor, then return to Katrine.

Crossbows & Shield Half (Black Arm)

Hand in Crossbows and you’ll be accepted into the gang. Now go up the stairs and search the cupboard to find the other half of the shield.

Speak To Curator Haig Halen (Black Arm)

Make your way to Varrock Museum, making sure your partner or second account does the same at this point. Give Haig Halen half of the shield and receive 2 certificates.

OSRS: Shield of Arrav Quest Guide

Trade Certs

Exchange opposite certificates with your partner. As before, if they are an ironman, just “use” the item on them and you can give it to them. Once you have the two halves, use them against each other to get the full certificate.

Quest Hand-In & Completion

Now that we have the complete certificate, we just need to cross the street, enter Varrock Palace, hand it to King and claim our reward. King Roald will receive a certificate and you will be rewarded with 1 Quest Point and 600 gold coins.

That concludes this guide. I hope this Shield of Arrav Quest guide was useful to you!

How To Complete Children Of The Sun Quickly In OSRS? - Varlamore Quest Guide

Jan 17 ,2024

Today, I’m sharing this Children of the Sun quest guide for OSRS Varlamore storyline! This mission is a short newbie level mission that serves as an introduction to Varlamore. We expect to see this new area appear in the game later this year!

Starting The Quest

There are no requirements to start this quest, and no equipment is required. So I just spent OSRS Gold to buy and equip a Graceful Outfit, and brought a Varrock Teleport Tablet to make the quest progress faster.

To start this quest, head to Varrock Square and talk to Alina and Noah. They will tell you that a delegation from Varlamore is visiting after hundreds of years of sealing off their land and prohibiting people from coming in and out!

Then, click “When will this delegation arrive?” and you will be directed to a cut scene of their arrival. One guard left the palace gate carrying a suspiciously large bag.

How To Complete Children Of The Sun Quickly In OSRS? - Varlamore Quest Guide

Following The Guard

Continue the conversation without clicking close and you can follow the guard. If you don’t see the guard, try talking to Noah again and press the spacebar in chat to make him respawn again.

The next part is very similar to Sins of the Father part, but less annoying. You just have to carefully follow the suspicious guard while trying not to be spotted when he stops and looks around.

There’s no exact trail for this. You just have to be vigilant and try to stay at a distance to avoid detection. But make sure not to stand too far away or you’ll lose sight of him and have to start over. If you get caught, you’ll have to start over again by talking to Noah.

Here I’ve marked a map showing all the locations the guards stopped at. This way, you can plan accordingly and simply hide behind or inside buildings.

OSRS: All locations where the guard stops

Finding These Bandits

Once the guards arrive at their destination, we see a cut scene of the bandit discussing the attack on Varlamore’s delegation. After the cut scene, we’ll go back to Varrock Castle gate and talk to Sergeant Tobyn, who will ask you to mark 4 bandits pretending to be guards.

  • The first bandit stood outside Aris’ tent, hands on hips, unarmed.
  • The second bandit is not wearing a helmet and can be found near Newspaper Seller.
  • The third bandit is leaning against Archery Shop wall.
  • The fourth and final bandit is walking between Varrock East Bank and Archery Shop, holding a mace instead of a sword.

Interrogation & Finshing Quest

After you have marked all the bandits, return to Tobyn and you will be taken to the tower at the top of Varrock Castle to interrogate one bandit.

Even though Prince Itzla Arkan of Varlamore actually sabotaged the interrogation, we could trick the bandit into telling us everything by implying that we were going to burn him alive. Don’t worry, it’s just a prank.

The bandit tells us that a stranger who seems to be from Varlamore approached their group and wanted them to kill Priest who was in the delegation.

Finally, you just need to complete all remaining dialogues to complete the mission. Once it is added to the game, you will be granted access to Varlamore and up to 1 quest point!

OSRS: Children Of The Sun Quest Guide! - Access To Varlamore


That’s what this new mission is all about! Armed with this information, you can unravel the conspiracy and earn the gratitude of Prince Itzla Arkan, prepare for future adventures in Varlamore, and continue to unravel the mystery surrounding the delegation and the assassination attempt. Good luck!

RuneScape 3: 5 Tips For New & Returning Players To Build Accounts!

Jan 09 ,2024

In this RS3 guide, I discuss 5 different tips to help new and returning players set up their accounts and reach the endgame of the game, whether maxing out or entering PVM.

Complete Quests

In RuneScape 3, you can visit RuneScape Wiki and find a list of the best tasks. It will give you a list of all the best tasks you need to complete on the screen. This is a great way to plan and figure out which task you should work on next.

RuneScape 3: 5 Tips For New & Returning Players To Build Accounts

But there are a ton of really useful unlockable locked behind quests, so it’s important to start ticking them off. There are 259 missions in the game so far, so completing them all is definitely a long-term goal.

But some tasks are very important. So I’ve created a complete guide on some quests that can lead to important rewards. Here are some tasks you should strive to complete.

The first is Waterfall Quest, which can be completed on a brand new account. This is a great start, as you do get quite a bit of Attack and Strength XP out of it. So you can skip those early levels and complete the mission.

RuneScape 3: Waterfall Quest

When starting your account, you also have tasks like Smoking Kills, which are very important for Slayer and creating Slayer Helmet.

You also have Fairy Tale Quest Series. It will give you Magic Secateurs and also unlock Fairy Rings.

There are many other World Wakes-like missions here. It offers you three original Combat Styles.

Then you have some high-end tasks like Extinction. It gets you Passive Ring Of Vigour, Fate of the Gods, and Plague’s End.

The list of such examples is long. So there are a lot of important tasks to complete. These tasks are very important to your account. Not only will you get good XP rewards from the tasks, it will also help you slowly build your account. By the end, if you were to complete every mission in the game, you would actually have a very high premium account.


Another thing that will really help build your account slowly over time is completing your dailies.

There are lots of different types of dailies out there, but one of my favorites is getting Vis wax. You only need level 50 Runecrafting to access Runecrafting Guild. You can earn around 1 million gold per day using this method. So this is really helpful for those lower-level accounts.

Low Effort & High GP dailies for gold in Runescape!

Another useful daily is the farm run. So in my case, I usually run Herb Farm as it does give you a bit of farming XP. But you can also earn quite a bit of RS3 Gold from it.

If you’re a new player and you want to train your farming, you’ll need to spend a little time figuring out what Herb Patches and Tree Patches are, and where everything is. But once you get into the habit, it’s a great way to train your farming skills.

There are other things that are monthly or weekly tasks. My highly recommended monthly Beneath Cursed Tides, Giant Oyster. You can go talk to Wizard Myrtle, and then go down and check on your Oyster once a month.

The nice thing about Giant Oyster is that not only do you get Clue Scroll rewards, you can also train fishing and farming from it. So it’s definitely a good idea to complete these. It will help build your account by earning these pretty decent XP every day.

Runescape 3: Giant Oyster Monthly D&D Tutorial Walkthrough Guide!

Set Attainable Goals

The next tip is to set achievable goals. If you want to get a really incredible weapon that takes a long time to get, you should actually break the goal down into different things. This is easier to achieve.

Just setting those goals and completing them over time will really help build your account. If your goals are unachievable, this can actually lead to burnout. You don’t end up completing your goals, which just makes you lose motivation to play the game and stop doing what you’re supposed to be doing.

Take Advantage Of Double XP

If you want your account to reach the ultimate goal of becoming a premium player, then taking advantage of Double XP campaign is definitely the best way to do it.

What I mean is that you can train your purchasable skills during Double XP. Not only will you get the job done twice as fast, but you’ll also save a ton of money.

Another strategy is to focus on skills you really dislike. So for me, I do use my viable skills on Double XP. But I also trained some skills that I really hated.

So when there is a quarterly Double XP event. I highly recommend you focus on the purchasable skills first. Then, once you’ve done that, start picking out those skills that you really hate training. Because that’s obviously half the time you spend training your skills.

RuneScape 3: Best Double XP Training Methods

Join A Community And Do What You Enjoy

My last suggestion is more general. There are tons of different communities in the game that you can join to connect with other people who play the game. You can try to achieve goals together, or go out and do some PVM tasks together. Often, playing games with other people really makes things more interesting.

The other thing is, do what you enjoy. Some things in RuneScape really aren’t enjoyable. But really, I recommend that you focus on things you really enjoy rather than forcing yourself to achieve a goal all at once. This can really help you prevent burnout. It just makes the game more fun in the long run.

Anyway, I really hope you guys find these tips helpful. I just wanted to share some tips and tricks to help new players set up their account and eventually reach the highest level. Because this is what many people strive to achieve. See you in the game!

Old School RuneScape: The Best Farming Way To Earn Nearly 300k XP Daily! - Farming Mastery Guide

Jan 05 ,2024

Today I’m going to show you a simple daily farming route that will get you nearly 300k Farming XP in less than 30 minutes!


Let’s start with inventory first. What I recommend: a full Graceful outfit or a Farmer’s outfit. If you want to cut down your own trees, you’ll also need to equip an Axe and a Digsite Pendant. If you’re renting a boat to Brimhaven, you’ll need to wear a Ring of Charos.

Your inventory also includes:

  • 1 Rune Pouch containing Teleportation spells to Lumbridge, Falador or Varrock
  • 1 Crystal Teleport Seed
  • 6 top grade Fruit Tree Sapling
  • 6 highest grade Normal Tree Sapling
  • 3 top grade Hardwood Saplings
  • 1 Calquat Sapling
  • 1 Redwood Sapling
  • 1 Celastrus Sapling
  • 1 Spade
  • 1 Rake

If you don’t cut down your own tree, you can unlock a few thousand OSRS Gold and items to protect your Sapling or Compost.

Old School RuneScape: The Best Farming Way To Earn Nearly 300k XP Daily! - Farming Mastery Guide

Since I’m making all the highest level trees in the game, I want to make sure they don’t die.

So I will also bring 240 Coconuts to plant Dragonfruit tree and Magic tree, 75 Yanillian Hops to plant Mahogany tree, 8 Poison Ivy Berries to plant Calquat tree, 6 Dragonfruits to plant Redwood tree, and 8 Potato Cactus to plant Celastrus tree.

My daily farming run does include Hespori, but there’s no need to grab this Hespori Seed before the end of the run, as you’ll need to be ready for the fight, anyway. But when you start fighting, be sure to bring Spade and Seed Dibber, and if there are still weeds, a Rake.

Farming Route

First, when we start running from Grand Exchange, I like to run up to Spirit Tree first and then head to Tree Gnome Stronghold.

To the east of Spirit Tree is a Fruit Tree Patch where we will plant saplings and then head southwest to Normal Tree Patch.

After planting the tree, I returned to Spirit Tree and teleported to Tree Gnome Village. Go through the gate, right click and follow Elkoy out of Maze, then to your southwest you will have your next Fruit Tree Patch!

From here, I teleported to the middle of Varrock and planted a tree to the northeast in front of the castle. Once in Lumbridge, I can run west and a little north behind the castle to reach my next woods before heading to Falador. From this remote location, you’ll run east to Falador Park and then to Taverley.

There are several ways to get to Taverley. You can use Games Necklace to run south and use Home Teleport if you have your POH Portal there. Or do my preferred method and teleport to Falador again, then run north and then west.

If you have Catherby in your Portal Nexus, plant this tree and teleport back to your POH Portal. Alternatively, you can use Camelot Teleport and run southeast.

This Fruit Tree Patch is located on the east side of Teleport, next to Grapple Shortcuts. If you haven’t unlocked Brimhaven Spirit Tree, from here you can run to Catherby docks and rent a boat to take you to Brimhaven. If you need to rent a boat, don’t forget your Ring of Charos!

No matter how you find your way to Brimhaven, you’ll run into Fruit Tree Patch near Hajedy, south of the pier. Plant your sapling, then run south to Tai Bwo Wannai. You can also use Teleport Scrolls to get to this location faster. But I didn’t mind running and got used to it over time.

OSRS: An Introduction to Farming Runs

At Tai Bwo Wannai, we are going to plant our Calquat tree and use our Crystal Teleport Seed to teleport us to Lletya.

In Elf Camp, you’ll find a Fruit Tree to your east and slightly south. You can find three Hardwood Patches north of Rowboat from Lletya to Fossil Island.

After planting these saplings, head to Farming Guild if you have access to it and be at the correct level. You can use Skills Necklace, Farming Cape, Fairy Ring CIR to get here quickly.

If you are level 65 or higher, you can plant a Normal Tree in the lower left part. If you are level 85 or above, you can plant a Fruit Tree and Celastrus Tree in the north area, and a Redwood if you are above level 90.

After completing these, pick up your Hespori Gear and Seed and work hard to complete your farming journey! If you have done Hespori before and have any Kronos Seed, I would also highly recommend planting it in Farming Guild West End Anima Patch to help your Redwood, Hardwood and Hespori grow faster. Because usually they can take several days to grow.

That’s it for this Farming Guide. If this is any different to how you farm your business and if this might be helpful to you, why not talk to us about it? Looking forward to seeing you in the game!

RuneScape 3: 7 Account Goals To Complete Before Challenging The Boss!

Jan 02 ,2024

If you’re planning on taking on a boss in RuneScape 3, but want to know what account goals you should complete before doing so, then this guide is for you. In this RS3 guide, I cover the 7 most important account goals you need to complete before you start facing high level bosses.

Choose A Combat Style

Before you decide to challenge a boss, the first thing I suggest you do is figure out what Combat Style you want to use.

RuneScape 3: 7 Account Goals To Complete Before Challenging The Boss!

Now, there are four Combat Styles in RuneScape 3, namely Melee, Ranged, Magic and Necromancy. As of early 2024, Necromancy is the best Combat Style in RuneScape. It’s also the easiest to learn and adapt to.

So, if you are new to the game and want to challenge a boss, but don’t really have a Combat Style in mind that you want to use, then I recommend using Necromancy. Because it is a beginner friendly. There aren’t too many complicated mechanics here, you just have to follow a standard rotation.

Once you choose Combat Style, you could start to understand the abilities. If you choose Necromancy, you have its basic abilities. Your auto-attacks are just Necromancy’s basic abilities, such as Soul Sap and Touch of Death.

You can use Soul Strike to stun a target, or Volley of Souls to unleash all your stacks for powerful abilities.

Therefore, it is important to learn Combat Style and know which abilities to use. Once you know what abilities you have at your disposal, you’ll be able to adapt them to different bossing situations.

RuneScape 3: What Combat Style is the Best?

Unlock Abilities

The second goal you should strive to achieve is to unlock certain abilities through your Combat Style. Therefore, if you use Necromancy, you will need to unlock various abilities through Well of Souls.

Living Death would certainly be your first choice, but this requires level 76 Necromancy. You can also choose from three different Conjures to unlock Conjure and Command abilities from Spirit Pack and Darkness. And these unique abilities are really helpful for Necromancy.

Another ability that is almost essential for bossing is Devotion. This is a Threshold Defense ability. You need 50% Adrenaline to use it.

It increases the effectiveness of your Protection Prayers to 100% for 9.6 seconds. So this is crucial for a lot of different bosses.

Devotion can be obtained in a few different ways, one of which is by paying 3,500 bonus currency from Distractions and Diversions in Anima Islands. But more commonly, it is a rare item dropped by a General Graardor, Aviansie or Bandosian follower.

Devotion is an ability needed to face many bosses and is also a necessary condition for challenging bosses.

There is another ability that requires work. You don’t need to get it before fighting the boss, but it will definitely be helpful for some ultimate bosses, namely Disruption Shield.

Disruption Shield is an excellent endgame spell. It’s in Lunar spell book and does cost 290,000 Produce Points.

The easiest way to earn Produce Points is to purchase Livid Plants. So if you ever check out Traveling Merchant’s Shop and see some Livid Plants for sale, just buy them to earn Produce Points. And over time, you’ll eventually unlock Disruption Shield.

Abilities You Need to Unlock in RuneScape 3

Unlock Curses

The next goal is to unlock curses. This requires players to complete Temple at Senntisten Quest. This does require a lot of skills and tasks. But the most helpful one for the main Curse is Soul Split.

Soul Split now heals players for 10% of the damage dealt. So you get passive healing. If you deal with a lot of damage at once, you’ll be able to recover a lot from it.

When you actually start fighting bosses, you’ll notice that many bosses sometimes have a Prayer Flicking mechanic. Flicking allows players to use Prayer in combat without continually depleting their Prayer Points. Skilled players will turn on Prayer effect immediately before needing it. This will prevent Prayer from constantly draining between attacks.

When you switch from Protection Prayers or Deflect Curses to Soul Split and back, it just gives you some passive healing while also protecting yourself from incoming hits. Therefore, Soul Split is also very helpful for curses. This is a better version of Protection Prayers, except it deflects some damage back to the target.

Runescape 3: How To Unlock Curses?

Train Summoning

Another really useful goal is to have a high Summoning level. This is mainly to unlock Beast of Burden.

At level 96, you get Pack yak that holds 30 extra slots. So you can fill it with food, which makes defeating the boss easier. Summoned at level 67 you get War Tortoise with 18 sockets. This is doable for intermediate players, and getting to level 67 isn’t as difficult as level 96 Summoning.

Also, having a high Summoning level is also very helpful for using other available familiars. For example, Hellhound only requires Summoning level 45, but they absorb 20% of damage by taking hits. Blood Reaver is great for Poison builds, which require level 73 Summoning. Then there’s the level 90 Kal’gerion demon, which increases your critical hit chance.

Runescape 3: Is Summoning Worth It?


The next account goal is to create Overloads. Overloads require a level 96 Herblore to level up. So once you get level 96 Herblore, you can create Overloads.

This is a potion that increases your combat statistics. One of the major benefits of these potions is that it is a static increase. This means that after 6 minutes, it won’t decrease over time, making the stat boost disappear completely.

T70+ Gear

One of the next major goals you should strive to achieve is to get at least level 70+ gear.

Now, Necromancy is one of the easier skills to get this armor. This is a good starting point. At least level 70 gear can be obtained through Necromancy, then creating your own level 70, 80, and 90 gear isn’t that difficult. So we need to work hard to reach at least level 70.

But when you reach level 80 combat statistics, you need to continue working towards the next level. The first thing you need to try is getting a new weapon. DPS is the most important. Especially if you have Curses and Soul Split. Because the more damage you do, the more health you heal.

Runescape 3: Tier 70 Necromancy Tank Armor Upgrade Guide

Invention Perks

Finally, the seventh tip is to get Invention Perks. Invention Perks can greatly increase your DPS. Therefore, they are very helpful when you challenge the boss.

You can even spend RS3 Gold to get some Invention Perks on your weapons. And your armor Invention Perks can easily increase your DPS by at least 10%.

And you can also get other perks on your armor, such as Impatient, which generates more Adrenaline. Or if you use Necromancy, you can get extra perks like Invigorating. This will help you generate more Adrenaline in Necromancy basic attacks or automatic attacks that check resources.

RuneScape 3: Budget Invention Perks Guide

It really helps to get some starter perks in your combat gear. Because it can really help you improve your ability to handle certain mechanics and kill bosses faster.

These are my seven account goals before taking on the boss. If you complete all seven objectives, then you can at least start facing the boss!

Old School RuneScape: 5 Best F2P Methods To Help You Earn Massive Gold Quickly!

Dec 27 ,2023

In this guide, we’ll look at some of the best ways to make money in free games! Here are the 5 most important techniques or methods I use in F2P OSRS to create some sweet currency!

Core Concepts

The best ways to make money in F2P often revolve around a simple concept. The first thing to understand is that GE in OSRS is an active economy loosely based on supply and demand.

So if everyone wants to buy more Steel Longsword, and the supply stays the same, the price will rise. Conversely, if the supply of Steel Longsword suddenly increases significantly without an increase in demand, the price will fall.

The second element is that specialized NPC merchants operate on a fixed price system. Therefore, the potential exists to make money by buying from one country and selling to another. It is for this reason that the most profitable items change based on what the player is currently using.

With these core concepts in mind, I’ll cover 5 of my most common methods. But before you get started, please note that these methods require some starting capital, and I recommend earning 10k OSRS Gold from Stronghold of Security first!

Old School RuneScape: 5 Best F2P Methods To Help You Earn Massive Gold Quickly!

Method 1 - Beer & Pots Of Flour

The first method only requires a small amount of start-up capital and does not require any skills.

Here we will look for low-cost items to buy from suppliers and then sell to GE. The two options I’m most excited to try are Beer and Pots of Flour.

These are suitable candidates as these items cost no more than 10 OSRS Gold and provide GE with a profit of over 100 Gold. And according to my research, they are in high demand.

Where to Buy Pots of Flour in OSRS?

Method 2 - Maple Longbows

This method is exactly the opposite of the first one, we will buy the item from GE and sell it back to this NPC vendor. The reason it works well is that vendors purchase items in a specified form. So we can hold thousands of items and sell them all at the same time.

Here are a few good options. The most profitable thing is to buy Jewelery and sell it at Grum’s Gold Exchange in Port Sarim.

Unfortunately, this vendor has top Ironman methods and is well known, so selling your items for maximum profit can be tedious, likewise it requires the most upfront cash.

Therefore, I recommend Maple and Willow Longbow for sale at Rimmington. Zeke’s Superior Scimitars in Al Kharid might also be a good option, but due to purchase restrictions, I’m having a hard time consistently buying Mithril Scimitar and Steel Scimitar from GE at the right guide price and in large enough quantities.

Overall, this is a reliable technology that can produce 200,000 OSRS Gold per hour. But it’s well known and you have to expect this to affect your cash generation. Therefore, I would use it as a backend generator for when you need quick cash.

Method 3 - Pie Shells

Compared to the previous method, this is a more versatile and faster method of combining Pastry Dough and Pie Dishes to make Pie Shells.

You’ll definitely need to spend some money up front to do this in bulk. And because this is so common, you may end up paying more for the components.

You’ll also need to buy some in advance, as there is a limit of 500 Pie Dishes to purchase. That said, it’s easy, low-click intensity, and in my experience, very profitable!

You simply go to GE and purchase equal amounts of Pie Dishes and Pastry Dough, then deposit them into the bank to convert them into items. Then take 13 of each, click to combine the two, and then press the spacebar to let the menu automatically make the complete list for you.

OSRS Money Making Methods: Making Pie Shells

Method 4 - Wildy Bandit Camp

This technique involves taking advantage of the fact that High Alchemy value of most items will be higher than their GE cost. This is not a sure thing, so you need to be careful when buying items this way.

Essentially, all you need to do is find an item that has a big difference between its GE price and its High Alchemy value.

There’s going to be a very good margin for doing that, but in terms of speed, I don’t think the hourly rate is going to be too amazing. Again, this is difficult to give an exact number than it all depends on what you purchase.

Method 5 - Iron Bars

I saved my favorite method for last. This is probably the best AFK method in F2P, however, you need at least level 15 Smithing.

Buying items to craft and sell back to GE can also be a huge moneymaker, especially if the items you craft are things that other players often buy. Turning ores into bars is probably one of the most obvious choices, and Iron Bars are by far the best.

You’ll need to buy and craft a lot of Rings of Forging for this method, but it’s worth it!

This is a sympathetic approach because many people need Iron Bars to train Smithing, so it should have continued demand.

F2P OSRS Money Making Guide: Making Iron Bars

That concludes this guide. I hope the methods and concepts I shared are helpful to you, and I wish you the best of luck. If you have any tips and tricks of your own, please share them because I’d love to hear them!

RuneScape 3: How To Defeat Raksha Effortlessly?

Dec 23 ,2023

Are you still worried about Raksha, the Shadow Colossus in RuneScape 3? Have you ever been stuck in Raksha and been unable to move forward? To overcome this challenge, be sure not to miss this Raksha guide. I will share how to defeat Raksha without any effort.


Before we deal with Raksha, the Shadow Colossus, we need to find their location.

RuneScape 3: How To Defeat Raksha Effortlessly?

You need to complete some mini-quests before starting. In fact, this is a fairly short mini-quest for you, and shouldn’t be too difficult to overcome. They classify the difficulty level as Novice, so you should be able to breeze through it.

Typically, quests and mini-quests do have some form of requirements, including skill and item requirements. But that’s not a problem here as there are no requirements to complete Raksha mini-quest.

However, when you get to Raksha boss itself, we have some skill suggestions. You should make sure your Attack, Defense, Strength, Ranged, Magic and Invention are at least level 99. Meanwhile, level 67 Summoning, 95 Prayer, and 96 Herblore for Overloads will become the minimum standards for entering combat.

We first need to complete a small quest so that we can gain access to Raksha, the Shadow Colossus.

First, talk to Laniakea, who is located in the ruins southeast of Anachronia. From here, head west up the stairs, where you’ll need to siphon Shadow Anima Pool until it reaches 100%. This will cause you to lose 200 health points each time, so keep that in mind.

After that, go down the stairs and open the door near the pool. You’ll then be stalked into the dungeon by Laniakea, then quickly exit due to Shadow Anima’s toxicity.

You will then need to head east to the chamber entrance and talk to Zaros. Several cut-scenes play, with some dialogue in between, before Shadow Anima Container that teleports Raksha is interrupted. Keeper will engage in further dialogue before the mini-quest is completed.

RuneScape 3: Complete Beginners Guide To Raksha

Best Strategy

Before we delve into how to defeat Raksha, let’s give a little background on this monster.

Raksha is a rex dinosaur that can be used as either a single boss or a double boss. We can only fight it after completing the previously mentioned mini-quest.

Zaros removed Shadow Anima, interrupting Raksha’s slumber. Your mission is to subdue this rex dinosaur after its long hibernation.

When fighting a boss solo, Raksha has 800,000 health points. However, in a two-player battle, its health is doubled.

What you need to pay attention to is the high-precision attacks that Raksha has, with Attack and Ranged level 110 and Magic level 120. Its unprotected attack can deal over 5,000 points of damage, while its protected attack has 1,100-1,200 points of damage.

As for Raksha’s defense, his defense level is 85. He may seem intimidating at first glance as he has no real weaknesses, but he is the weakest when it comes to Ranged attacks.

Also, Raksha is immune to Stuns and Poison, but Leech and Reflect damage can come in handy.

Phase 1

In Raksha’s Phase 1, it will use auto-attack, as well as Tail Whip and Charge Attack. Plus, you have a Shadow Bomb to deal with.

If the battle drags on, Shockwaves may occur. Therefore, you need to continue attacking the boss and try to end this stage as quickly as possible. Don’t forget to use your Prayer and Defense to block his attacks.

Phase 2

In his Phase 2, you will occasionally receive a message informing you that Raksha is using Shadow Energy to inflict poison damage on you. You will see Raksha spawn Shadow Orbs around the player and then launch a powerful attack.

You need to click on Shadow Orb twice to evict it. You will receive a message when they are completely evicted. He will again try to use Shadow Blast attack siphoned from the pool. So please try to clean all pools before proceeding.

Phase 3

In Phase 3, Raksha speeds up the absorption of Shadow Anima. A message will appear and Raksha will anchor you in the shadows. This will summon a Shadow Manifestation for every player in the arena, giving them 10,000 health at level 160. So it’s best to deal with them as soon as possible to avoid dealing with them and Raksha at the same time.

Next, Keeper will tell you to run into Antechamber due to the severity of the shadow. Shadow Manifestation in Chamber will then begin to fade, and Shadow Anima Pool will not increase Raksha’s power.

He will then begin to follow the player, and Keeper will activate a holding shield to trap the boss and summon four hydraulic posts.

When enraged, Raksha regains Phase 3’s starting health of 400,000. Double that if you’re in a duo.

Don’t worry, keep approaching him as he has now given up his special attack and prefers his Tail Whip. Follow him and try to avoid him, and eventually he’ll gain a fresh attack called Erebus Charge.

However, if you have RS3 Gold budget to buy decent gear and maximize your inner strength, you should be able to defeat him before he reaches this stage.

Runescape 3: Improve your Raksha kills with these tips!


Speaking of Raksha’s drops, they don’t necessarily drop in failure. Instead, Keeper will teleport items to Antechamber Security projector location so you can pick them up from there.

You will find that there are many major drops from bosses, including Seeds, Salvage, Dragonhide, Scales, Runes and Spirits. While the major drops are more common, you can also get valuable items such as Blast Diffusion Boots, Greater Ricochet Ability Codex, and Broken Shackle.


Hopefully, this Raksha guide will give you an idea of how to find and defeat him. With adequate preparation, you should be able to knock out Raksha without taking too much damage. Enjoy the battle and the loot you get!

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