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How To Complete Children Of The Sun Quickly In OSRS? - Varlamore Quest Guide

Today, I’m sharing this Children of the Sun quest guide for OSRS Varlamore storyline! This mission is a short newbie level mission that serves as an introduction to Varlamore. We expect to see this new area appear in the game later this year!

Starting The Quest

There are no requirements to start this quest, and no equipment is required. So I just spent OSRS Gold to buy and equip a Graceful Outfit, and brought a Varrock Teleport Tablet to make the quest progress faster.

To start this quest, head to Varrock Square and talk to Alina and Noah. They will tell you that a delegation from Varlamore is visiting after hundreds of years of sealing off their land and prohibiting people from coming in and out!

Then, click “When will this delegation arrive?” and you will be directed to a cut scene of their arrival. One guard left the palace gate carrying a suspiciously large bag.

How To Complete Children Of The Sun Quickly In OSRS? - Varlamore Quest Guide

Following The Guard

Continue the conversation without clicking close and you can follow the guard. If you don’t see the guard, try talking to Noah again and press the spacebar in chat to make him respawn again.

The next part is very similar to Sins of the Father part, but less annoying. You just have to carefully follow the suspicious guard while trying not to be spotted when he stops and looks around.

There’s no exact trail for this. You just have to be vigilant and try to stay at a distance to avoid detection. But make sure not to stand too far away or you’ll lose sight of him and have to start over. If you get caught, you’ll have to start over again by talking to Noah.

Here I’ve marked a map showing all the locations the guards stopped at. This way, you can plan accordingly and simply hide behind or inside buildings.

OSRS: All locations where the guard stops

Finding These Bandits

Once the guards arrive at their destination, we see a cut scene of the bandit discussing the attack on Varlamore’s delegation. After the cut scene, we’ll go back to Varrock Castle gate and talk to Sergeant Tobyn, who will ask you to mark 4 bandits pretending to be guards.

  • The first bandit stood outside Aris’ tent, hands on hips, unarmed.
  • The second bandit is not wearing a helmet and can be found near Newspaper Seller.
  • The third bandit is leaning against Archery Shop wall.
  • The fourth and final bandit is walking between Varrock East Bank and Archery Shop, holding a mace instead of a sword.

Interrogation & Finshing Quest

After you have marked all the bandits, return to Tobyn and you will be taken to the tower at the top of Varrock Castle to interrogate one bandit.

Even though Prince Itzla Arkan of Varlamore actually sabotaged the interrogation, we could trick the bandit into telling us everything by implying that we were going to burn him alive. Don’t worry, it’s just a prank.

The bandit tells us that a stranger who seems to be from Varlamore approached their group and wanted them to kill Priest who was in the delegation.

Finally, you just need to complete all remaining dialogues to complete the mission. Once it is added to the game, you will be granted access to Varlamore and up to 1 quest point!

OSRS: Children Of The Sun Quest Guide! - Access To Varlamore


That’s what this new mission is all about! Armed with this information, you can unravel the conspiracy and earn the gratitude of Prince Itzla Arkan, prepare for future adventures in Varlamore, and continue to unravel the mystery surrounding the delegation and the assassination attempt. Good luck!

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