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≥ 500 USD and < 2000 USD

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≥ 10000 USD

Except using the coupons, more discount for orders are available for all registered members on Our Member Center has upgraded to help customers to earn more extra discount for orders, follow the given steps below to get certain discount and use them directly when you place orders at our website.

VIP levels and corresponding discount rates that registered members can enjoy

VIP 1: You can be VIP1 discount after registration, and get a 1% discount when paying

VIP 2: Your spending above 500 USD will become VIP2 and get 1.5% discount on payment

VIP 3: Your spending above 2000 USD will become VIP3 and get 2% discount on payment

VIP 4: Your spending above 5000 USD will become VIP4 and get 3% discount on payment

VIP 5: Your spending above 8000 USD will become VIP5 and get 4% discount on payment

VIP 6: Your spending above 10000 USD will become VIP6 and get 5% discount on payment

If you have any doubts, please contact us through our 24/7 Online Service.

How to get membership discount?

1. First, you must register on and log in to place an order in order to enjoy the corresponding level of membership discounts. Visitors are not eligible for member discounts.

2. The total consumption of your order determines your membership level, and the membership level determines the discount rate you can obtain.

3. You can go to the member center to check your membership level and discount rate.

How do membership discounts work?

1. Please log in to your account before placing an order at

2. Coupons and member discounts cannot be used at the same time.

3. Go and place your order and your membership discount will automatically be used to reduce your payment.

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