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What are the differences between RS3 and OSRS?

  • RS3: RS3 is more suitable for novices because it has tutorials. Skills in RS3 can reach Max in a few weeks, and you can equip any number of customizations. The quests in the game are very interesting, and RS3 are often introducing new quests. So RS3 is a relatively modern game.
  • OSRS: OSRS skills require you to spend a few months to reach Max, and customization is also limited. But the battle is very simple, adding difficulty to the battle is mainly full of tricks, which is rather than pure stats and DPS output. So OSRS is very nostalgic.

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Old School RuneScape: How Does Magic Combat Work? - Basic Mechanics Guide
Old School RuneScape: How Does Magic Combat Work? - Basic Mechanics Guide Nov 27, 2023

Welcome to another F2P OSRS guide. In this guide, we’ll take a look at the mechanics behind OSRS Magic Combat and how Magic works!

It is important to note that this guide is intended to establish a basic understanding of the mechanics, so I will use approximations and simplifications to make things easier to understand. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Old School RuneScape: How Does Magic Combat Work? - Basic Mechanics Guide

Magic Attack, Strength And Defense

First, we have a Magic Attack, which is Magic Accuracy. This affects how often you hit your target. This is a combination of your Magic level and any Magic equipment bonuses provided by your armor, weapons, or other items.

Magic Strength or rather Magic Damage. This isn’t actually very useful early on, as very few items actually increase Magic Strength. Ancient Sceptre, Black Mask and Slayer Masks are some of the more easily obtained items that provide a percentage-based bonus to spell damage. But these items belong to mid-range games and are beyond this guide.

Magic Damage is determined by the spell you use. For example, Wind Strike has base damage of 2 and Wind Blast has base damage of 13. These maximum hits have nothing to do with your Magic level, as it cast them from a spell book. Therefore, even at level 99, Magic Wind Strike still has base damage of 2.

Usually spells based on Spellbook have a fixed maximum hit, such as Trident of the Seas. They use your Magic level as the basis for damage output. But again, these are mid-range gaming level items, a bit out of scope.

For now, just know that the spells you choose to cast usually set your Max Hits, so we can look up the handy OSRS Wiki table to find our Magic Max Hits.

Finally, we have Magic Defense. Unlike Melee and Ranged, which are entirely dependent on your defense level and equipment bonus. Magic Defense is a combination of your actual Magic level (70%), base Defense level (30%), and any equipment bonuses.

As you can see, it’s similar to the defense calculation we used before. We should note here that for monsters, this is not their base Defense level, but their Magic level and Magic Defense bonus.

Old School RuneScape: How Magic Defence Works?

Magic Equipment

Magic Equipment is very similar to Melee and Ranged equipment. Rewards are provided by Armor, Weapons, Necklaces and other equipment items. However, there are two key differences.

First, like Ranged, spells usually require ammunition in rune form. For example, a Wind Strike requires Mind Rune and a Wind Rune. These need to be farmed from drops, Runecrafted, or purchased from Magic Store and GE.

Next, you can only auto-cast magic by equipping a staff or similar item. These staffs often also provide other magic bonuses, such as an unlimited supply of certain runes. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you get a set of staff before training magic. Because auto-cast magic is necessary, and it also saves OSRS Gold and inventory slots.

Old School Runescape: Magic Gear Guide

Magic Attack, Styles, Speed & Range

Base level magic attacks award XP based on spells cast, with additional magic HP and XP added based on any damage dealt.

Unlike Melee and Ranged attacks, which require a weapon, Spellbook manual clicking can cast Magic and has no attack style. You can access Magic Attack option by equipping a Magic staff weapon.

Once equipped, you can choose which spells you want to auto-cast. But this doesn’t provide any additional benefits other than allowing you to auto-attack or auto-retaliate using spells from your equipped Spellbook. Therefore, as with manual spellcasting, XP is awarded based on base spell XP, plus additional magic HP and XP based on any damage dealt.

The last option for equipping staff is Defensive Casting. This is the same as the previous auto-cast option. In addition to damage, it divided XP into Magic, HP, and Defense. There is no invisible bonus to magic casting unless using a Powered staff.

Powered staff allow players to throw in Accurate or Long-range styles. Accurate provides invisibility +3 magic level, while Long-range provides +1 magic and +3 defense level and is also invisible. In addition, Long-range can also increase the magic attack range by +2.

All magic attacks have a cast speed of 5 ticks. There are some exceptions, including Powered staff with a cast speed of 4 ticks. It also fixed the range of magic attacks at 10 ticks, which obviously applies mainly to combat spells.

Some Powered staffs have lower range, you can also enhance it with Long-range, the maximum range is 10. If the weapon or attack already has a range of 10, Long-range provides no additional range bonus.

Old School RuneScape: Magic Combat Guide - Improve At Magic With These Tips!

DPS Calculations

As with these guides, high DPS is the end goal, as this gives us the most XP/hour.

Unlike Melee and Ranged, spells tend to have a fixed speed and maximum hit, so DPS is more dependent on spell and enemy selection.

OSRS: DPS Calculations Equations

As Magic level increases and higher damaging spells are unlocked, figuring out the exact DPS is a little troublesome. The equation here will show you how to do this. There’s another handy OSRS Wiki table that will give you the maximum DPS for each spell.

Unfortunately, my XP trick works with Melee and Ranged, so we can’t use it in this case. So if you want actual DPS you can either take the best-case scenario and assume the maximum number of hits in the table, or you have to calculate it the old-fashioned way.

OSRS: Table On Maximum DPS Per Spell

At the end of this guide, I hope this OSRS Magic combat mechanics guide has been useful. Hopefully, it helps shed some light on what’s going on behind the scenes and how to maximize your character’s performance.

RuneScape 3: How To Achieve High Profits Through AFK Training? - Comprehensive Crafting Guide
RuneScape 3: How To Achieve High Profits Through AFK Training? - Comprehensive Crafting Guide Nov 23, 2023

If you’re an avid RuneScape 3 fan looking to make the most of your crafting skills. Then you might be looking for a profitable yet relaxing way to craft while offline to take advantage of the bonus XP from the last day of XP Week.

So, in this guide, we’re going to share some highly profitable crafting methods for AFK training in RuneScape 3.

RuneScape 3: How To Achieve High Profits Through AFK Training? - Comprehensive Crafting Guide

Dragonstone Necklace

We will first describe a wonderful craft method involving the making of Dragonstone Necklace. This method is very versatile and allows you to earn a decent amount of RS3 Gold by crafting these valuable Necklaces with Dragonstone and Gold Bar.

Also, you can choose to create Combat Bracelet, Ring of Wealth, and other Dragonstone jewelry to generate profits. However, Dragonstone Necklace is one of the most popular items.

Players of RuneScape 3 often choose Dragonstone Necklace. This is mainly because it meets market demand. It not only guarantees players’ profits but also circulates in the market. Especially for Porters, which is a must-have for many players, Dragonstone Necklace has become popular.

Players can also choose to sell these Necklaces directly at Grand Exchange or enchant them for extra profit. This method is a good option if you want to gain crafting experience while farming gold.

How To Use It?

There are many ways you can use Dragonstone Necklace. You can use it with Alchemy, use machines or sell them directly. The choice depends on the build in your account and your own preferences.

Notably, it can also profit from caching. Especially if you wait for the right moment, such as a bonus XP event, when the price will usually increase.

Runescape 3: Easy moneymaking using Crafting to make Dragonstone Necklaces


It is important to note that if you have not completed Family Crest mission, you cannot use Gold Bar storage feature in Furnace.

Still, you can craft Dragonstone Necklace efficiently if you place it near a bank, such as Prifddinas’ Workshop. After completing the mission, you can craft a total of 28 Necklaces in your inventory. This will bring you greater convenience.

Also, if you plan to enchant Dragonstone Necklace, you will also need to reach a certain level of magic. If you’re not there yet, consider using Extreme Magic Potions to increase your level temporarily. This will allow you to perform enchantment spells that you wouldn’t normally be able to perform.

Finally, make sure to use bonus XP tokens wisely. If you’re planning to get into Slayer soon, Slayer Masks are a priority, as they offer significant advantages. Using tokens to unlock Slayer Masks makes Slayer easier.


In addition to Dragonstone crafting, Lever crafting can also help you gain experience points quickly. But unlike gem crafting, which can usually be AFK, Lever crafting requires more effort and provides excellent experience points. Also, you’ll want to focus on Lever prices, as they tend to drop at the end of bonus XP events.

Runescape 3: Royal Dragonhide Body Crafting

Royal Dragonhide Body

You may also consider crafting Royal Dragonhide Body for high crafting experience points and substantial profits. Since Royal Dragonhide Body has high alchemy value and they are in high demand, there is no risk of price falling.

Players should preset 18 threads and fill the remaining inventory with Royal Dragon Leather and Beast of Burden. It takes 36 seconds to make 18 Royal Dragonhide Bodies. You should be able to craft 1800 Royal Dragonhide Bodies per hour. But you don’t need all 1800 lines, as 1 line can be used to make multiple Royal Dragonhide Bodies.

The process involves combining it with Royal Dragon Leather, which nets you around 350k XP per hour.


As you complete your bonus XP and prepare for regular play, consider these crafting methods to get the most profit while training your RuneScape 3 skills.

These methods of making Dragonstone Necklace, Lever, and Royal Dragonhide Body are both suitable for AFK and profitable at the same time. Following this guide can help you strategically use bonus XP tokens and maximize your profits!

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