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How To Complete F2P Shield Of Arrav Quest In OSRS? - A Step-By-Step Guide

Hello and welcome to another F2P OSRS quest guide. In this guide, we’ll introduce Shield of Arrav Quest! This is a classic folk and the only F2P quest that requires a partner or second account.

This is a simple mission. The only requirements are a partner or a second account, and 20 OSRS gold coins or the ability to defeat a level 23 Weaponsmaster. Phoenix Gang Crossbows can be collected during missions and don’t require anything else, although some Energy Potions may save you some time.

A quick note on partner or second account setup. The easiest way to accomplish this task is to load 2 OSRS instances and log in with two different accounts. The account with the lowest combat effectiveness joins Phoenix Gang, and the account with the higher combat effectiveness joins Black Arm Gang.

Alternatively, you can join OSRS SOA chat group to find a partner. You might get a reply, and you can agree on a world and complete tasks together.

How To Complete F2P Shield Of Arrav Quest In OSRS? - A Step-By-Step Guide

Speak To Reldo (Phoenix)

To begin your search for Phoenix Gang, head to the library inside Varrock Palace and ask Reldo for the quest. He will tell you that there is a book in the library with details about Shield of Arrav.

Go to the bookcase shown, grab it and read it. Then go back and talk to Reldo again. Ask him about Phoenix Gang’s whereabouts and he will take you to Baraek.

Speak To Baraek (Phoenix)

Baraek is a Fur Trader located in Varrock Main Square. Talk to him about Phoenix Gang, and eventually he’ll ask for 20 OSRS Gold for the information. Pay the man and he will tell you about the hideout, located southeast of Blue Moon Inn.

OSRS: Southeast of Blue Moon Inn

Speak To Straven (Phoenix)

Go to the location shown. Go down the ladder. Talk to Straven and ask to join the gang. To prove your worth, he will ask you to kill a man named “Jonny the Beard” and get the report he carries. Agree and head to Blue Moon Inn.

Kill Jonny The Beard (Phoenix)

In the bar you’ll find the unfortunate Jonny, who has a huge beard and wears a black T-shirt with a skull and crossbones on it. Kill him and retrieve the report.

Weapon Key & Shield Half (Phoenix)

Once you report to Straven, you will be accepted into the gang. You will get Weapon Store Key and enter the hideout. Immediately, go to the hideout and enter the room with the chest. Open it and search to find the shield half.

Trade The Key (Phoenix)

All that’s left to do now is assist your partner or second account, get your certificate and submit the request.

Go outside and give Weapon Store Key to your partner. If they are an ironman, just “use” the item on them and you can give it to them.

OSRS: Shield of Arrav Phoenix Gang Quest Guide - Ironman Friendly

Speak To Charlie (Black Arm)

To start Black Arm Gang, talk to Charlie the tramp across from Blue Moon Inn. Ask him “What’s down the alley?” and he’ll tell you it’s the headquarters of Black Arm Gang.

Speak To Katrine (Black Arm)

Go down and enter the door there. Once inside, talk to Katrine and ask to join her gang. To prove herself, she will ask you to steal 2 Phoenix Crossbows from their rival Phoenix Gang.

Get 2 Phoenix Crossbows (Black Arm)

This is where your partners or other accounts come into play. Assuming you now have Weapon Key, head to Weapon Store just past the entrance to Phoenix Gang hideout.

Once inside, kill the level 23 Weaponsmaster. It’s not a tough fight. If you’re worried, just bring your melee gear and plenty of food.

If you don’t have enough combat level and your partner account does, make sure you have an extra key. You just need to follow them in and they can help you kill the weapon master.

Either way, you must kill him as he will prevent you from picking up Crossbows. After he’s dead, grab the 2 crossbows from the floor, then return to Katrine.

Crossbows & Shield Half (Black Arm)

Hand in Crossbows and you’ll be accepted into the gang. Now go up the stairs and search the cupboard to find the other half of the shield.

Speak To Curator Haig Halen (Black Arm)

Make your way to Varrock Museum, making sure your partner or second account does the same at this point. Give Haig Halen half of the shield and receive 2 certificates.

OSRS: Shield of Arrav Quest Guide

Trade Certs

Exchange opposite certificates with your partner. As before, if they are an ironman, just “use” the item on them and you can give it to them. Once you have the two halves, use them against each other to get the full certificate.

Quest Hand-In & Completion

Now that we have the complete certificate, we just need to cross the street, enter Varrock Palace, hand it to King and claim our reward. King Roald will receive a certificate and you will be rewarded with 1 Quest Point and 600 gold coins.

That concludes this guide. I hope this Shield of Arrav Quest guide was useful to you!

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