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Old School RuneScape: How Does Magic Combat Work? - Basic Mechanics Guide

Nov 27 ,2023

Welcome to another F2P OSRS guide. In this guide, we’ll take a look at the mechanics behind OSRS Magic Combat and how Magic works!

It is important to note that this guide is intended to establish a basic understanding of the mechanics, so I will use approximations and simplifications to make things easier to understand. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Old School RuneScape: How Does Magic Combat Work? - Basic Mechanics Guide

Magic Attack, Strength And Defense

First, we have a Magic Attack, which is Magic Accuracy. This affects how often you hit your target. This is a combination of your Magic level and any Magic equipment bonuses provided by your armor, weapons, or other items.

Magic Strength or rather Magic Damage. This isn’t actually very useful early on, as very few items actually increase Magic Strength. Ancient Sceptre, Black Mask and Slayer Masks are some of the more easily obtained items that provide a percentage-based bonus to spell damage. But these items belong to mid-range games and are beyond this guide.

Magic Damage is determined by the spell you use. For example, Wind Strike has base damage of 2 and Wind Blast has base damage of 13. These maximum hits have nothing to do with your Magic level, as it cast them from a spell book. Therefore, even at level 99, Magic Wind Strike still has base damage of 2.

Usually spells based on Spellbook have a fixed maximum hit, such as Trident of the Seas. They use your Magic level as the basis for damage output. But again, these are mid-range gaming level items, a bit out of scope.

For now, just know that the spells you choose to cast usually set your Max Hits, so we can look up the handy OSRS Wiki table to find our Magic Max Hits.

Finally, we have Magic Defense. Unlike Melee and Ranged, which are entirely dependent on your defense level and equipment bonus. Magic Defense is a combination of your actual Magic level (70%), base Defense level (30%), and any equipment bonuses.

As you can see, it’s similar to the defense calculation we used before. We should note here that for monsters, this is not their base Defense level, but their Magic level and Magic Defense bonus.

Old School RuneScape: How Magic Defence Works?

Magic Equipment

Magic Equipment is very similar to Melee and Ranged equipment. Rewards are provided by Armor, Weapons, Necklaces and other equipment items. However, there are two key differences.

First, like Ranged, spells usually require ammunition in rune form. For example, a Wind Strike requires Mind Rune and a Wind Rune. These need to be farmed from drops, Runecrafted, or purchased from Magic Store and GE.

Next, you can only auto-cast magic by equipping a staff or similar item. These staffs often also provide other magic bonuses, such as an unlimited supply of certain runes. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you get a set of staff before training magic. Because auto-cast magic is necessary, and it also saves OSRS Gold and inventory slots.

Old School Runescape: Magic Gear Guide

Magic Attack, Styles, Speed & Range

Base level magic attacks award XP based on spells cast, with additional magic HP and XP added based on any damage dealt.

Unlike Melee and Ranged attacks, which require a weapon, Spellbook manual clicking can cast Magic and has no attack style. You can access Magic Attack option by equipping a Magic staff weapon.

Once equipped, you can choose which spells you want to auto-cast. But this doesn’t provide any additional benefits other than allowing you to auto-attack or auto-retaliate using spells from your equipped Spellbook. Therefore, as with manual spellcasting, XP is awarded based on base spell XP, plus additional magic HP and XP based on any damage dealt.

The last option for equipping staff is Defensive Casting. This is the same as the previous auto-cast option. In addition to damage, it divided XP into Magic, HP, and Defense. There is no invisible bonus to magic casting unless using a Powered staff.

Powered staff allow players to throw in Accurate or Long-range styles. Accurate provides invisibility +3 magic level, while Long-range provides +1 magic and +3 defense level and is also invisible. In addition, Long-range can also increase the magic attack range by +2.

All magic attacks have a cast speed of 5 ticks. There are some exceptions, including Powered staff with a cast speed of 4 ticks. It also fixed the range of magic attacks at 10 ticks, which obviously applies mainly to combat spells.

Some Powered staffs have lower range, you can also enhance it with Long-range, the maximum range is 10. If the weapon or attack already has a range of 10, Long-range provides no additional range bonus.

Old School RuneScape: Magic Combat Guide - Improve At Magic With These Tips!

DPS Calculations

As with these guides, high DPS is the end goal, as this gives us the most XP/hour.

Unlike Melee and Ranged, spells tend to have a fixed speed and maximum hit, so DPS is more dependent on spell and enemy selection.

OSRS: DPS Calculations Equations

As Magic level increases and higher damaging spells are unlocked, figuring out the exact DPS is a little troublesome. The equation here will show you how to do this. There’s another handy OSRS Wiki table that will give you the maximum DPS for each spell.

Unfortunately, my XP trick works with Melee and Ranged, so we can’t use it in this case. So if you want actual DPS you can either take the best-case scenario and assume the maximum number of hits in the table, or you have to calculate it the old-fashioned way.

OSRS: Table On Maximum DPS Per Spell

At the end of this guide, I hope this OSRS Magic combat mechanics guide has been useful. Hopefully, it helps shed some light on what’s going on behind the scenes and how to maximize your character’s performance.

Old School RuneScape: Tips And Tricks You Need To Know About Forestry

Nov 20 ,2023

The new version of Forestry comes with a series of exciting additions to Woodcutting, making it even more fun. The community gathers in designated worlds to complete Events, Pet Hunting, and XP collection. This is what I have honed into 99 Woodcutting on my maxing journey.

So here I want to share some Forestry tips. These tips have really enriched my experience and I hope it helps you too.


We’ll start with a very basic one. You probably already know this. In order to turn your Beaver Pet into a Fox or Pheasant, you must have rare items that drop from events.

In order to have a chance of dropping, you must have a Trap Disarmer and Padded Spoon equipped in your Forestry toolbox. Alternatively, you can spend OSRS Gold from Grand Exchange to purchase inventory or trade with Freaky Forester.

Old School RuneScape: Forestry Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

Here are some of my tips to make the event easier and more efficient so you can gain more experience.

Haircut Event

For example, when each event resets at the end, you can just pick a set of flowers so you still get the full experience drops for the entire event.

This also applies to Haircut Events. But it depends on how much you interact with it.

Therefore, I recommend you return to Woodcutting after completing Haircut Event and make sure to stock up on some items. For example, Padded Spoon, Bee on a stick and all the items that make the event happen. This will enhance your experience. They will pop up more depending on how many items you have in your inventory or Forestry toolbox.

For some of them, you do get more rewards just by having the item in your Forestry kit.


When Leprechaun comes out, you’ll pop up a Rainbow. When you stand under Rainbow for about 2 game ticks, it will give you enhanced experience points, regardless of how many experience points the wood you are cutting has dropped.

I recommend tagging all Rainbows as they appear. Because of their IDs, you must tag them individually. But once you have all Rainbows, they’re easier to catch, and you won’t miss out on the boosting experience.


During Poacher event, you will place traps on the ground, which last approximately 7 game cycles. I recommend you keep chopping wood until the last possible moment, and be sure to consider run times, so that you hit the trap at the best time. This way you get more experience points and don’t waste woodcutting experience points disarming traps.

Old School RuneScape: Tips And Tricks You Need To Know About Forestry

Ritual Circle

The same applies to Ritual Circle. You’ll have approximately 27 game minutes to reach Ritual Circle, stand on it and receive 300 experience points at the end of the event.

You will need to get around 3000 full experience points. So when you're woodcutting, it’s definitely worth doing it efficiently. Please don’t just stand on the circle unless you just want to AFK.


During a Mulch event, be aware of other people calling the rotation. For example, if someone said RRG, they would say first is red, second is red, and third is green. If you’re the one calling the rotation, be a team player.

If you want to farm Fox Whistle, remember that it doesn’t matter how many traps you disarm, but how long you were there from the start of the campaign to the end.

Old School RuneScape: How To Earn Slayer Points Quickly?

Nov 15 ,2023

Today I wanted to do a quick guide and Slayer Points boosting example to show you the quick and easy way I could get tons of Slayer Points instantly.

In this guide, I will only cover Regular Slayer, not Wildy Slayer, as I have no experience going to Krystilia yet. If you want to unlock any rewards or missions or if you are like me and always run out of points for skipping during PVM Bingo events. Then you must not miss these great ways to increase your Slayer Points quickly.

Tasks 1-9

In fact, this method is very simple. If you want to increase your Slayer Points, you can go to Turael in Burthorpe. Or you can even go to Spria in Draynor Village and complete 9 Slayer tasks in a row for them. These missions require dealing with fast, low-level monsters, and you can usually complete them in a few minutes.

Note that you won’t get any rewards from these missions, but don’t worry about what happens next. Another important thing to note is that you may not necessarily need to perform the exact 9 tasks. But make sure to right-click on your Slayer Helmet or Enchanted Gem to inspect your missions and see which mission number you are performing.

The target for Slayer Points boosting will always be these low-level Slayer Masters while performing any mission except the 10th mission.

Old School RuneScape: How To Earn Slayer Points Like a PRO?

What Do We Need To Bring?

As for what to bring, that depends on you personally and on the assignment you're given. But I’ll check out things in my inventory that I like, so I’m ready for anything.

I have a full set of gear, from Runes to High Alchemy, Teleportation to Varrock Diary, Falador Diary, Lumby Chest, and my Ardougne Cloak and Desert Amulet, just in case.

I also need to spend OSRS Gold to get some extra Teleportation, Superantipoison, Light Sources, my Herb Sack, some food, or prayer pots. You can also choose to carry an Expeditious Bracelet to further speed up the mission. The bearer of Soul Bearer can pick up any Ensouled Heads, as well as Ash Sanctifier and Bonecrusher, to gain Slayer experience.

The 9 missions it gave me while making this guide were: Cows, Monkeys, Dwarves, Kalphite, Cave Slimes, Jackals, Sourhog, Scorpions, and finally Bears to give you an idea of the types of missions you may be assigned. On average, each monster only took me 3 minutes.

Old School RuneScape: Slayer Point Boosting Guide - Max Slayer Points Per Hour

10th Task

After completing the 9th mission, you will next need to go to any high-level Slayer Masters you have access to get the 10th mission. If you can, you need to seek out Konar quo Maten. Because she rewards the most Slayer Points for every 10 completed tasks outside of Wilderness.

She’ll even give you 10 extra points if you complete Elite Kourend & Kebos Diary. Once you complete this mission, you will receive additional Slayer Points. The amount will vary depending on which Slayer Masters you go to.

When I completed Diary and went to Konar quo Maten again, I gained 100 points for every 10 tasks completed through her. My Bloodveld mission only took me about 30 minutes, and combined with my first 9 missions, I earned 100 Slayer Points in about an hour!

OSRS Basics: Slayer Master Konar Guide

This is how to earn Slayer Points quickly. It’s quick and easy. You’ll have all the rewards and unlocked block slots worth 9,580 Slayer Points before you know it.

That’s it for this guide. If you found this helpful and who your favorite Slayer Masters are, feel free to share. Good luck!

Old School RuneScape: F2P Ranged Combat Mechanics Full Guide - How To Maximize Ranged DPS?

Nov 10 ,2023

Hello and welcome to another guide on F2P OSRS mechanism. In this guide, we’ll look at the mechanics behind OSRS ranged combat. This guide is intended to establish a basic understanding of the mechanics, so I’ll use approximations and simplified terms to make things easier to understand.

Ticks Combat Levels & Rolls

OSRS runs on a clock or tick system. Each tick lasts about 0.6 seconds, which is roughly equivalent to 100 ticks per minute. But in some cases, players can manipulate ticks.

Old School RuneScape: F2P Ranged Combat Mechanics Full Guide

Currently, the only reason we need to know about ticks is to understand the speed of OSRS weapons and actions. Combat level is the benchmark for measuring your overall combat effectiveness. In OSRS, this is a combination of your skill levels: HP, Attack, Strength, Defense, Magic, Ranged and Prayer. Unless you’re playing specific PK or Pure builds, you don’t really need to worry too much.

The last thing is Actual Combat Rolls. OSRS uses attack and defense rolls to determine whether an attack hits.

So-called Opposed Rolls, both the attacker and the defender roll dice, and if the attacker rolls higher than the defender, the attack succeeds and a “hit” occurs. When a hit occurs, it made a second roll to determine damage.

In OSRS, you can roll a 0 here in most cases. So while you might get a successful hit, you still don’t actually do damage to the defender’s HP. Damage rolls are rolls from 0 to the current maximum hit.

Old School RuneScape: Actual Combat Rolls Calculation

Ranged Attack, Strength & Defense

Thankfully, the range is slightly simpler than melee, as there’s a direct correlation between primary stats and associated effects.

First, we have a Ranged Attack, which is Ranged Accuracy. This affects how often you land hits on your target. This is a combination of your ranged rating and the equipment bonuses provided by your armor set. Therefore, to improve your ranged attack, investing more OSRS Gold to upgrade your armor set may be the best option.

Ranged Strength is ranged damage. This represents the maximum damage you can deal with a single attack and is a combination of your ranged rating. At least, for Bows and Crossbows, it’s the strength bonus provided by the ammunition you’re using.

Finally, Ranged Defense is great. Your defense rating, combined with the armor you use, gives you overall ranged defense capabilities. The higher these two values are, the less likely you are to be hit by a Ranged Attack.

Ranged Equipment

Ranged Equipment is similar to Melee Equipment in most respects, except that instead of having 3 melee damage types, ranged equipment has its own damage type.

We usually divide equipment into Weapons, Ammunition, Throw Weapons and Armor. Weapons such as Bows and Crossbows provide a Ranged Attack bonus, while Ammunition provides a Ranged Strength bonus.

Also note that, like melee weapons, ranged weapons have speed. Similar to melee weapons, lower speed is better. Ranged weapons also have a “range” that is usually between 6-10 game tiles. It can expand this to up to 10 using ranged attacks.

Ranged armor also usually provides higher magic defense and is widely used by melee players in “PK” situations. Because they hope to make up for their weakness in magic based on the combat triangle.

OSRS: Ranged Gear Upgrade Guide - Increase DPS Efficiently

It is also worth mentioning the consumption of ammunition. You’ll notice that when you attack an enemy, Arrows, Bolts or other things will pile up on the square below the opponent.

I always recommend restoring these arrows. However, you’ll notice that when you do this, you recover less often than you fire. This is because in OSRS, every time you fire an arrow or use any ranged ammo, there is a 20% chance of that ammo being destroyed.

A quick tip that’s very helpful here is to talk to Lumbridge’s ranged tutor and turn on auto-equipment as soon as possible. This means that if you pick up any Arrows or Bolts that match what you have equipped, it will immediately equip them instead of putting them into your inventory!

Ranged Attack Styles

All ranged weapons have 3 simple attack styles: Accurate, Rapid and Long Ranged.

Accurate style, adds an invisible +3 ranged level bonus, increases Ranged Accuracy and Ranged Strength. When fighting this way, you gain 4 ranged XP and 1.33 HP XP for each point of damage dealt. While the benefits of this style sound great, most players prefer to use Rapid style.

Rapid style reduces weapon speed by 1 tick, allowing you to attack more often. When you weigh the advantages of slightly higher accuracy and max hit versus more attacks, having more attacks results in higher overall damage. When fighting this way as before, you’ll gain 4 ranged XP and 1.33 HP XP for each point of damage dealt.

Long Ranged style increases invisible +3 defense level and increases your attack range by +2 blocks. When fighting this way, you gain 2 ranged XP, 2 defense XP, and 1.33 HP XP for each point of damage dealt. But this style is only useful when trying to engage from a distance. Once they get close, it’s better to switch to Rapid style unless you really need the +3 defense bonus.

OSRS: Ranged Attack Styles

Ranged DPS

Just like melee weapons, highest Ranged DPS is always the end goal. And, as before, weapon speed plays a sizeable role in this calculation.

For general ranged combat, players always use a short bow. Although you lose some range, the 25% increase in speed more than makes up for it.

Crossbows are a different story. They are not free. But compared to Arrows, Crossbows offer a significantly higher Ranged Strength bonus, which more than makes up for the slower attack speed.

To figure out the exact DPS, I’m going to show you how to do this via an equation. However, it’s somewhat time-synced, it’s probably only worth doing to compare mid-range game gear sets, check trained enemies.

Old School RuneScape: Ranged DPS Calculation

If you want to understand the concepts covered so far, with the right combination of Combat Style, Skill Level, Weapon and Equipment, you should be able to get very close to max DPS without having to calculate it.

That concludes this guide. I hope this OSRS ranged combat mechanics guide has been useful to you and helped shed some light on what’s going on behind the scenes and how to maximize your character’s performance.

Old School RuneScape: How Does Melee Combat Work? - Melee Combat Mechanics Explained

Oct 30 ,2023

Today, we’ll look at the mechanics behind OSRS melee combat. This guide is designed to give you a basic understanding of how melee combat works and how to set up your character to maximize DPS!

On the surface, OSRS combat seems very basic, and anyone familiar with dungeons and dragons, or roll-based tabletop games, can imagine how it works.

This isn’t too far from the truth. Combat is indeed based on a rolling system, but the actual system is much more complex. It gives players an advantage, as understanding how it works can give you some enormous benefits in combat. This guide is intended to establish a basic understanding of the mechanics, so I’ll use approximations and simplifications to make things easier to understand.

Old School RuneScape: How Does Melee Combat Work? - Melee Combat Mechanics Explained

The ‘Tick’ System

The first thing to grasp is that OSRS runs on a clock or tick system. Each tick lasts about 0.6 seconds, which is roughly equivalent to 100 ticks per minute.

Why is this important? It’s important to understand the way events “stack” to the end or beginning of each tick change. For example, if I click on a piece of food to eat at the beginning of one tick, the actual action will occur at the end of that tick or the start of the next tick.

Certain moves can be used to exploit errors in the game clock and provide additional benefits. This is called a tick manipulation. Currently, the only reason we need to know about ticks is to understand the speed of OSRS weapon.

OSRS: Tick System Mechanics explained

Combat Triangle

Another basic combat concept to remember is Combat Triangle. This is how the weaknesses/super effectiveness of the game works.

Essentially, the melee is weak against magic, but strong against ranged. Ranged is weak against the melee, but strong against magic. Compared to ranged, the magic is weak, but to melee, the magic is very strong. This is a general rule of thumb for deciding how to equip your character based on the mission or battle ahead.

The pros and cons associated with this depend largely on the gear being worn. Therefore, in PVP, most melee players need to spend OSRS Gold to purchase ranged armor. This can reduce magic attacks with a high probability.

Combat Level

Before introducing melee combat skills, we need to briefly introduce combat levels. Your combat rating is a guide to how effectively you can fight certain opponents.

But the precise calculation of combat levels is very complicated. As a rough guide, assuming you level up all combat skills evenly, you will increase your combat level for every 3-5 levels in a combat skill. It’s more complex, but unless you’re looking for a very specific character build, or are looking for PVP, you don’t need to worry too much about it.

OSRS: Calculation Of Combat Levels

Attack Type & Fighting Style

Before we get into actual melee skills, it’s also worth looking at some other factors regarding melee weapons and attacks. First, the weapon damage type can be Stab, Slash, or Crush. You need to be aware of this to maximize accuracy.

Also, most bosses or higher level enemies are more vulnerable to some type of attack. Dragons, for example, are all weak against Stab, so this should help with your weapon choice.

Related to attack types are combat styles or combat options. There are four categories: Accurate, Aggressive, Defensive, and Controlled. These relate to core melee skills and determine XP awarded. They also determine which attack type your weapon will use.

OSRS: Combat Stances Explained - Accurate, Aggressive, Defensive, and Controlled


Attack power is related to melee accuracy and how often you damage your opponent, higher attack power equals higher accuracy.

First, to use better weapons than Bronze and Iron, you need a higher attack rating. For example, a Steel weapon requires 5 Attack, Black 10, Mithril 20, Addy 30. This is useful because better weapons provide higher attack bonuses and higher strength bonuses. Roughly speaking, this means greater accuracy and potentially higher maximum hits.

To calculate a reasonable approximation of an attack’s accuracy, combine your attack rating with your equipment’s attack type bonus, minus any defense bonus the target has against that type.


Strength relates to maximum melee hit or damage. The higher your power level, the higher your potential melee damage. As mentioned in the previous section, weapons also have a strength bonus stat, which is not to be confused with strength levels, as the two are not exactly the same.

For general play, you can assume that the higher your overall strength level and strength gear bonuses, the higher your melee max hit will be. However, this is a stat you may need to calculate occasionally to ensure you get a higher maximum hit.

Therefore, in order to get a higher maximum hit, you need to equip more items that provide a strength bonus.

OSRS: Best Melee Training Method


The first thing to remember about defense is that it’s about avoiding harm, not reducing it! It increases the chance that your opponent will hit you with “0 damage,” also known as a miss.

First, to wear better armor than Bronze and Iron, you need a higher defense rating. For example, Steel requires 5 Defense, Black 10, Mithril 20, and so on. This is useful because better armor provides a higher defense bonus.

Increasing your defense level will also increase your defense against magic. To do this, you need to combine your defense level with the relevant defensive equipment bonuses based on the type of incoming attack. As always, the rewards for gear don’t exactly scale with skill level, but a rough estimate is not bad.

Attack Speed And DPS

The next thing to consider is the weapon’s attack or tick speed. Each weapon has an associated speed, usually a value between 4-7. The lower the better, as it means the weapon will hit more often.

Specifically, a weapon with a speed of 4 will attack 4 times in 10 seconds, while a weapon with a speed of 5 will only attack 3 times. This is usually a set statistic and cannot be changed.

OSRS: Attack Or Tick Speed And DPS

Now we discuss the last and most important concept: Damage Per Second. More DPS means more XP, and more XP means faster leveling. This also means you’ll kill enemies faster. So if you make sure to maximize your DPS, you’ll also maximize the damage you can do and the experience you can gain.

Again, if you want to understand the concepts covered so far, with the right combination of Combat Style, Skill Level, Weapon and Equipment, you should be able to get very close to max DPS without having to calculate it.

This concludes this guide. OSRS combat looks simple, but is actually very complex. I hope this analysis of melee combat mechanics is useful and meaningful to you.

Old School RuneScape: Best F2P Guide To Quickly Complete Cook’s Assistant Quest! - Ironman Friendly

Oct 26 ,2023

Are you new to Old School RuneScape and want to get started with simple tasks? Cook’s Assistant quest is your best choice! Not only is this a great way to gain experience and rewards quickly, it’s also a great introduction to the world of quests in Old School RuneScape.

In this guide, we'll walk you through everything you need to know about Cook's Assistant quests, including requirements, steps, and rewards. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Old School RuneScape: Best F2P Guide To Quickly Complete Cook’s Assistant Quest! - Ironman Friendly


Before you can start helping the poor and busy chef of Lumbridge Castle, there are a few requirements you need to meet. First, you need to complete Rune Mysteries quests. This is a fairly simple quest that serves as an introduction to the world of RuneScape and is a prerequisite for many other quests in the game.

First, you need to have at least Level 1 cooking ability. Don’t worry if you don’t have this skill. Cook’s Assistant quest is a great way to get started and gain some cooking experience quickly.

You can start training your cooking skills by collecting eggs, flour, and buckets of milk and using them to bake cakes on the stove. You can find ranges in various locations around the game world, including Lumbridge Castle’s kitchen.

Finally, you need to have a pot and a bucket in your inventory. These are fairly common items. You can easily get them by looting barrels and crates in the game world, or spending OSRS Gold on purchases from other players or NPC shopkeepers.

OSRS: Cook's Assistant Quest Guide


Now that you’ve met the requirements to complete Cook’s Assistant quest, it’s time to get started! Here are the steps you need to follow.

First, you need to talk to the chef in Lumbridge Castle kitchen. When you talk to him, he’ll tell you that he’s in some trouble, namely that he lost the recipe for Duke’s Feast and doesn’t have all the ingredients he needs. He will ask you to help him retrieve the missing ingredients.

Next, you can head to the cow field west of Lumbridge Castle. You need to collect a bucket of milk from a cow there. Right-click on a cow and select “milk” to collect milk.

Then, head to the chicken coop north of the castle. You can collect eggs from one chicken by right-clicking on them and selecting “Collect Eggs.”

Finally, head to the mill east of the castle. You need to collect a jar of flour from the miller. He will be the one standing by the mill. Just talk to him and he will give you a pot of flour.

Now that you have all the ingredients, return to Lumbridge Castle’s kitchen and talk to the chef. Give him milk, eggs, and flour, and he’ll reward you with tons of cooking experience and a Pie Dish.


So what do you get for completing Cook’s Assistant quest? As mentioned above, you will receive a significant improvement in cooking skill experience.

In addition to experience, you will also receive a Pie Dish as a reward for completing the mission. This may not seem like much, but Pie Dish is actually a very useful item that will come in handy later on in your journey through Old School RuneScape.

You can use it to make various types of pies, and it’s a significant source of healing food. And you can sell them to other players for substantial OSRS Gold profits.

But perhaps the most valuable reward for completing Cook’s Assistant quest is access to the kitchens of Lumbridge Castle. This kitchen is a great place to practice your cooking skills. Because it has a range, a sink, and a larder stocked with various ingredients that you can use to cook various dishes. You can also use a spinning wheel and a loom to make your own cloth and thread.

Finally, completing Cook’s Assistant quest will also grant you access to Lumbridge Castle cellar. This is a great place to store excess items. It’s also a great place to hang out and chat with other players, as it’s usually a fairly quiet spot in the castle.

OSRS: Cook's Assistant Quest Quick Guide 2023

Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to help you successfully complete Cook’s Assistant quest.

Before starting the mission, make sure you have a pot and a barrel in your inventory. These are the basic items you need to gather ingredients for your chef.

If you haven’t reached Level 1 Cooking yet, you can easily train the skill by baking cakes on the range. You can find a range in various locations around the game world, including Lumbridge Castle’s kitchen.

If you have trouble finding ingredients, don’t forget to check out the mini-map in the upper right corner of the screen. It will show you the location of cows, chickens, and millers, as well as other useful locations and landmarks.

If you can’t find the chef in the kitchen, try using “Look” feature to get a better view of the room. Just right-click on the chef and select “Look” to inspect him and his surroundings.

Once you have all the ingredients ready, don’t forget to talk to the chef. He won’t give you a reward until you give him milk, eggs, and flour and complete the task.

Overall, Cook’s Assistant quest is a great way to start Old School RuneScape. This is the first mission released in Old school RuneScape! Not only is this a simple task that’s easy to complete, it’s also a great way to gain experience and rewards quickly. With the help of this guide, you’ll be a primary chef in no time!

Old School RuneScape: A Complete Guide To The New Shooting Stars! - Basic Info & Strategies

Oct 18 ,2023

Are you eager to explore the exciting world of Shooting Stars in Old School RuneScape, but not quite sure where to start? This guide will provide you with the basic knowledge and strategies you need to make the most of this recently updated and rewarding in-game activity.

Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars is a fascinating pastime in OSRS, where a meteoroid falls from the sky approximately every 2 hours and spreads across all in-game servers.

We can mine these crashed stars to get Stardust. Each star drops in different sizes, ranging from level 1 to level 9, and has different mining level requirements.

Old School RuneScape: The New Shooting Stars Is Amazing! - Shooting Stars Guide 2023

As a miner, your goal is to accumulate Stardust and experience points. But remember, different star sizes have different bonuses. You can also make lucrative OSRS Gold profits by trading duplicate bonus items with other players. The rewards you may receive are as follows:

  • Stardust: We can exchange this valuable resource for unique items in Falador’s shop.
  • Celestial Ring: This is a non-tradeable ring that increases your mining efficiency even when uncharged. It also increases your chances of getting extra rare ores when mining.
  • Star Fragments: These fragments can change the color of Prospector outfit, giving it a unique golden look.
  • Gem Bag: This Gem Bag contains 40 unspecified gems.
  • Soft Clay Pack: This pack contains 100 rare Soft Clays.

How To Find Shooting Stars?

You can use various methods and tools to make locating Shooting Stars easier. OSRS community has created a dedicated website, Old School RuneScape Portal, which provides Shooting Stars tracker.

It constantly updated the tracker every few minutes, providing information on the star’s class, location, and spotters. Also, you’ll find a dedicated Shooting Stars Discord in live updates.


To start your Shooting Star’s journey, you must meet some prerequisites.

Foremost, Prospector outfit is a must-have for earning mining rewards. We use Max Cape for fast teleportation to reduce the time you spend in the mining process. Celestial Ring maximizes your mining efficiency even when uncharged.

With an Amulet of Glory, you never have to pay for additional uncut stones. You will also need a Gem Bag to store uncut gemstones. Finally, don’t forget about Extra Teleports to help you complete your Shooting Stars journey with ease.

Old School Runescape: How to get the Prospector Outfit?

Mining Tips

The beauty of exploring Shooting Stars is that it’s an incredible way to AFK. You can easily mine for long periods of time, perfect for multitasking.

Stars come in various sizes, with smaller stars taking a shorter time to mine and larger stars taking a longer time to mine. Smaller stars last only 4 minutes, while the largest stars can last up to 24 minutes.

Of course, bigger stars also provide more Stardust and better experience rates. We should note that mining in Prifddinas will also drop additional Crystal Shards.

Earn Rewards

After one hour of mining Shooting Stars, your mining experience is expected to increase significantly. You can earn around 25,000 XP and generous OSRS Gold

The method is incredible AFK and only takes a few clicks. This also makes Shooting Stars more fun and less intensive than other mining methods in the game. You can even log out for a short period and still benefit from the process.

During your journey, you will also accumulate Stardust. In just over an hour, you can accumulate enough money to purchase Celestial Ring, a mining game-changing item. Also, you will also receive various gems, such as Sapphire and Emeralds, which can be a delightful bonus.

OSRS: Shooting Stars Guide


Overall, the improved Shooting Stars provides an easy and enjoyable way to improve your mining skills in OSRS. Whether you are a casual player or a professional miner, this method offers flexibility and glorious rewards. So put on your Prospector outfit, equip your Celestial Ring, and start your mining and Stardust collecting journey!

RuneScape 3: 8 Most Profitable Skills, Ranked

Sep 27 ,2023

Money is what makes the world go round. In the expansive world of RuneScape 3, it is no different. RuneScape 3 is an MMORPG cult classic by Jagex Studios, with 27 different skills to train and master. Members have access to all 27 skills, while non-members can only access 17 of these skills. These skills are divided into four categories: Combat, Artisan, Gathering, and Support.

Some of these skills are profitable, granting XP in addition to RS3 Gold, while others offer no in-game wealth whatsoever. Players can sell logs gained from the Woodcutting skill, mining rare ores, and even selling drops gained from Slayer assignments. With the overwhelming amount of activities to do and training hotspots, players may need guidance on how to start building up their in-game bank account without being pay-to-win!

8 Most Profitable Skills, Ranked In RuneScape 3

8. Woodcutting

The main two money-making options for this gatherer skill are cutting Magic logs and Elder logs, requiring 75 and 90 Woodcutting, respectively. This skill is very beginner-friendly and always a good starting point in the world of RuneScape.

Magic logs are worth 320gp each and give 250xp when cut, while Elder logs are worth 5K each and yield a decent 325xp per log chopped. Make a nice profit and train Woodcutting simultaneously, with no extra effort! Two birds, one stone.

7. Fishing

The Fishing skill is one of the more relaxing things to do in RuneScape. There are several different fish that are actually profitable and worth grinding: Sailfish, Karambwan, Rocktail, Shark, and Great White Sharks, to name a few. Catching these fish should award players with around 1M per hour if they keep on top of their clicking and switch to different fishing hotspots.

Fishing doesn’t grant much XP per hour either, but players should make a ton of money if they start at level 1 and go all the way to 120.

6. Mining

Mining goes hand-in-hand with Smithing and is often used to gather the materials for Smithing. Mining is a very low-maintenance skill and requires little clicking, meaning gamers can play on one tab and watch funny videos on the other. Win-win!

Dark animica ore requires level 90 Mining and can be found southeast of Anachronia. Players can earn up to 1.5M an hour by using this resource. Runite ore is also a good method for non-member players to earn some gold and only requires level 50 Mining.

Incidentally, Mining is also the way to earn OSRS Gold in Old School RuneScape (the companion game to Runescape 3).

5. Herblore

At high levels, instead of being a money drain, Herblore can give some decent profits, depending on the fluctuating prices of the Grand Exchange.

As an Artisan skill, players can craft Super Saradomin Brew Flasks by mixing Wine of Saradomin and a Saradomin Brew (3) to create the Super Saradomin Brew. Players should take their new brew to a decanting NPC, like Bob Barter (herbs) in the Grand Exchange, armed with Potion Flasks; they will be given their Super Saradomin Brew Flask. These are worth around 150K each! If buying all the ingredients on the Grand Exchange marketplace, this expensive method should still give players a total profit of 12M an hour. Not bad!

4. Farming

The best money-maker for Farming is by growing herbs in various herb farm patches dotted around Gielinor. The most profitable herbs are Ranarr, Tortsol, and Spirit Weed, worth 5,103gp, 8,360gp, and 10,821gp, respectively. Players can also clean these herbs to earn an extra bonus.

The Player Owned Farm is basically Stardew Valley but in RuneScape and was introduced to the game in 2018. It is also a decent XP trainer and a good moneymaker. Like Pokémon, players can breed and collect shiny variations of the standard farm animals, like sheep, cows, and even dragons. These unchecked shiny versions can be sold on the Grand Exchange for a decent profit.

3. Runecrafting

If training Runecrafting from level 1 straight through to level mastery at 120, players can make around 1.5B GP. The best money-making method for this skill is crafting combination runes, like Mist, Dust, Mud, Smoke, Steam, and Lava runes.

Players must be at least level 6 in Runecrafting to make these runes. To craft combination runes, players need to take existing runes that are already half of the combination, e.g., Water runes for Mist runes and the matching Water talisman. An equal amount of pure essence is required for the other half of the combination. Combination runes are an instant sell on the Grand Exchange, generating at least 8M per hour. However, it is a very click-intensive skill and requires a lot of running back and forth between banking and rune altars.

2. Hunter

Hunter is a gathering skill definitely worth dedicating some time to. At a high level, players can hunt Grenwalls and Salamanders (both red and black).

Hunting Grenwalls specifically can earn players up to a whopping 7M per hour if on an empty server with access to multiple box traps at once. Hunting red salamanders by Castle Wars will grant players an hourly profit of around 3M. Players with magic notepaper can extend their stay and prolong their gains, reducing bank trips. Black salamanders are riskier, as they are only found in the PvP Wilderness zone and only yield 2M profit if players can even make it back safely without another player ruining their day.

1. Slayer (And Other Combat Skills)

Slayer is definitely RuneScape 3’s best skill to rake in the GP. Of course, it is entirely dependent on what task players are assigned by a Slayer Master and their current combat level. Even from a low level, money can still be made from training Slayer. This skill has dual utility as players can train all combat skills (Magic, Ranged, Attack, Defense, Strength, and Constitution) and Slayer.

Players assigned Lava Strykewyrms, Adamant Dragons, Airut, or Ripper Demons are almost guaranteed to make at least 2M an hour. These mobs require players to pay attention, use melee abilities to stun, and are, therefore, not afk-able. The higher players grind towards level 120 Slayer, the more money-per-hour to be made with better tasks, so get slaying!

Old School Runescape’s Upcoming Skill Is A Blast From The Past

Sep 27 ,2023

As some may know, Old School RuneScape just recently passed a poll where the Sailing skill won out. Jagex is currently working on how it will implement this skill in a way players would enjoy. Despite its recent polling, Sailing has been in the minds of the community for longer than many may know.

We all know that in Runescape 3, you can find a lot of skills. Some of these skills are profitable, granting XP in addition to RS3 Gold, while others offer no in-game wealth whatsoever. Therefore, Old School RuneScape fans are extremely vocal about new skills.

Old School RuneScape's Sailing skill has actually been an idea that's floated around RuneScape's community since 2008. It has a much longer history than most of the new skills that have ever come to RuneScape. For that reason, the Sailing skill is has been a long time coming too.

Old School Runescape's Upcoming Skill Is A Blast From The Past

The Origins of RuneScape’s Famous Sailing Skill

Back in July 2008, an image would surface online of a skill called "Sailing" found on the leader board on the RuneScape website. A little later, a YouTube video would also pop up, including more "evidence" that Sailing was going to be the next upcoming skill. To the community's chagrin, this would be exposed as just a joke by Mod Dave on the Runescape forums. Despite it being exposed as a joke, this would not stop players from wanting the skill. RuneScape fans continued to pitch the Sailing skill to Jagex ever since then, hoping that one day the joke from 2008 would become a reality.

Between then and now, Jagex would take advantage of this opportunity in numerous ways, although often in a much more mischievous way than some may have expected. For example, Sailing was involved with several April Fools' pranks, where Jagex would constantly tease the inclusion of the skill. This may have played a large part in the communities' inability to let go of this skill, as both the developer of the game and the players seemed unable to forget about it. It very much seemed like the skill that the RuneScape community was looking for, but it seemed like would never come to be implemented. With that said, it wasn't due to a lack of trying.

In 2015, a Dev Blog by Mod Ronan would be released, detailing the implementation of a Sailing skill into Old School RuneScape. It finally seemed as if Sailing would finally make its way into RuneScape, after 7 long years. However, it still had to pass the player-voted polls that RuneScape was so famous for. Once the results of the poll came in, many found themselves let down upon seeing that the Sailing poll failed by 7%. Because of this, the Sailing skill would not be heard of in an official capacity for quite a long time. However, that was until Old School RuneScape's 2023 skill poll.

In December 2022, Jagex uploaded a video stating it wanted to finally add a new skill to Old School RuneScape and would be releasing a comprehensive and detailed poll. This poll would come with 3 skills: Shamanism, Taming, and Sailing. And after 15 years of waiting, Old School RuneScape Sailing was confirmed as a new skill coming to the game. Sailing would win the poll by just 3% to the runner-up: Shamanism. With that said, it still has to go through another poll to ensure that the RuneScape community finds its introduction satisfying. But considering how dedicated Jagex seems to be in creating and adding a great, new skill to the game, it is likely that it will pass that too.

It almost seems like destiny that the Sailing skill would finally make its way into the game in an official capacity. Although, it's not the kind of skill that will help you earn a lot of OSRS Gold, it can still have a positive impact on the community as a whole.

Runescape 3 Reveals Key Detail About Upcoming Necromancy Skill

Sep 27 ,2023

RuneScape 3 has revealed a crucial detail about the game's upcoming Necromancy skill. The last skill added to RuneScape 3 was Archaeology, but it won't be long until Necromancy provides a fresh stream of content for the game.

Runescape 3 Reveals Key Detail About Upcoming Necromancy Skill

The game has had a lot to offer players lately, despite being one of the oldest MMOs on the market. If you want to get these easily, you'd better have plenty of RS3 Gold. Just recently, player-owned forts were released for RuneScape 3, a feature that had been long requested by the community to complement the already existing player-owned houses. Developer Jagex hasn't always pleased the community over the years, but the studio's commitment to releasing more updates for the game is unquestionable. The game continues to retain an extremely active player base, so RuneScape 3 certainly isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Redditor Tkf530 pointed out that in a recent tweet made by RuneScape 3, the game has revealed the skill icon for Necromancy. Up until now, it had been kept a secret, but it seems as though Jagex is ready to begin unveiling more about the upcoming skill. The icon itself is quite interesting, a small skull with a purple and green hue on either side. It certainly has a magical feeling to it. The reveal of the icon does confirm that Necromancy will not be an elite skill like Invention, as some in the community had previously speculated.

Despite the reveal of the skill icon, it still isn't massively clear exactly what the gameplay loop of Necromancy will look like. There are just so many unanswered questions at the moment. If it's combat based, it could be one of RuneScape 3's most profitable skills. Some in the thread noted that the skill icon looks very similar to Slayer, but until there's any solid gameplay then everything is just speculation. A hybrid between Slayer and Magic seems plausible, as there hasn't been a new combat skill added to the game for a very long time.

It's not just RuneScape 3 players that have a lot to look forward to in the coming months. Old School RuneScape is getting a new skill too, in the form of Sailing. Although it's not yet certain whether OSRS Gold is required to unlock skills, you'd better prepare some just in case. Right now, Jagex is still consulting with the community about what the skill should entail, and only then will development move forward with it. It's great news for Old School RuneScape. For the longest time, it seemed as though the community would never vote to add a new skill, but the most recent polling changed that. With Old School RuneScape now being ten years old, it's the perfect time for such a big injection of new content into the game.

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