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Old School RuneScape: 5 Best F2P Methods To Help You Earn Massive Gold Quickly!

In this guide, we’ll look at some of the best ways to make money in free games! Here are the 5 most important techniques or methods I use in F2P OSRS to create some sweet currency!

Core Concepts

The best ways to make money in F2P often revolve around a simple concept. The first thing to understand is that GE in OSRS is an active economy loosely based on supply and demand.

So if everyone wants to buy more Steel Longsword, and the supply stays the same, the price will rise. Conversely, if the supply of Steel Longsword suddenly increases significantly without an increase in demand, the price will fall.

The second element is that specialized NPC merchants operate on a fixed price system. Therefore, the potential exists to make money by buying from one country and selling to another. It is for this reason that the most profitable items change based on what the player is currently using.

With these core concepts in mind, I’ll cover 5 of my most common methods. But before you get started, please note that these methods require some starting capital, and I recommend earning 10k OSRS Gold from Stronghold of Security first!

Old School RuneScape: 5 Best F2P Methods To Help You Earn Massive Gold Quickly!

Method 1 - Beer & Pots Of Flour

The first method only requires a small amount of start-up capital and does not require any skills.

Here we will look for low-cost items to buy from suppliers and then sell to GE. The two options I’m most excited to try are Beer and Pots of Flour.

These are suitable candidates as these items cost no more than 10 OSRS Gold and provide GE with a profit of over 100 Gold. And according to my research, they are in high demand.

Where to Buy Pots of Flour in OSRS?

Method 2 - Maple Longbows

This method is exactly the opposite of the first one, we will buy the item from GE and sell it back to this NPC vendor. The reason it works well is that vendors purchase items in a specified form. So we can hold thousands of items and sell them all at the same time.

Here are a few good options. The most profitable thing is to buy Jewelery and sell it at Grum’s Gold Exchange in Port Sarim.

Unfortunately, this vendor has top Ironman methods and is well known, so selling your items for maximum profit can be tedious, likewise it requires the most upfront cash.

Therefore, I recommend Maple and Willow Longbow for sale at Rimmington. Zeke’s Superior Scimitars in Al Kharid might also be a good option, but due to purchase restrictions, I’m having a hard time consistently buying Mithril Scimitar and Steel Scimitar from GE at the right guide price and in large enough quantities.

Overall, this is a reliable technology that can produce 200,000 OSRS Gold per hour. But it’s well known and you have to expect this to affect your cash generation. Therefore, I would use it as a backend generator for when you need quick cash.

Method 3 - Pie Shells

Compared to the previous method, this is a more versatile and faster method of combining Pastry Dough and Pie Dishes to make Pie Shells.

You’ll definitely need to spend some money up front to do this in bulk. And because this is so common, you may end up paying more for the components.

You’ll also need to buy some in advance, as there is a limit of 500 Pie Dishes to purchase. That said, it’s easy, low-click intensity, and in my experience, very profitable!

You simply go to GE and purchase equal amounts of Pie Dishes and Pastry Dough, then deposit them into the bank to convert them into items. Then take 13 of each, click to combine the two, and then press the spacebar to let the menu automatically make the complete list for you.

OSRS Money Making Methods: Making Pie Shells

Method 4 - Wildy Bandit Camp

This technique involves taking advantage of the fact that High Alchemy value of most items will be higher than their GE cost. This is not a sure thing, so you need to be careful when buying items this way.

Essentially, all you need to do is find an item that has a big difference between its GE price and its High Alchemy value.

There’s going to be a very good margin for doing that, but in terms of speed, I don’t think the hourly rate is going to be too amazing. Again, this is difficult to give an exact number than it all depends on what you purchase.

Method 5 - Iron Bars

I saved my favorite method for last. This is probably the best AFK method in F2P, however, you need at least level 15 Smithing.

Buying items to craft and sell back to GE can also be a huge moneymaker, especially if the items you craft are things that other players often buy. Turning ores into bars is probably one of the most obvious choices, and Iron Bars are by far the best.

You’ll need to buy and craft a lot of Rings of Forging for this method, but it’s worth it!

This is a sympathetic approach because many people need Iron Bars to train Smithing, so it should have continued demand.

F2P OSRS Money Making Guide: Making Iron Bars

That concludes this guide. I hope the methods and concepts I shared are helpful to you, and I wish you the best of luck. If you have any tips and tricks of your own, please share them because I’d love to hear them!

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