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Old School RuneScape: A Complete Guide To Romeo And Juliet F2P Quest! - Ironman Friendly

Hello and welcome to another quest guide for F2P OSRS. In this guide, we’ll take a look at Romeo and Juliet Quest!

This is probably the most basic quest in OSRS, but if you’re working your way up to Dragon Slayer, it easily earns your quest points.

This is a very simple task with no requirements. The only items required are some Cadava Berries that can be found during the mission. As always, spending OSRS Gold to buy some Energy Potion will save you some time, as will four Varrock Teleports.

Old School RuneScape: A Complete Guide To Romeo And Juliet F2P Quest! - Ironman Friendly

Speak To Romeo

To start this quest, go to Varrock Center Square and find the man in red with the flowers. Talk to him and he will ask you to talk to Juliet. He would go on his own, but he was afraid of her dad.

Speak To Juliet

Walk west from the square and you can see Juliet’s house after passing West Bank. Go upstairs, then south to find Juliet on the balcony. Talk to her and she will give you a message for Romeo.

You guessed it, we now need to go back and find Romeo. If you have Varrock Teleports, now is a good time to pop teleport to Numero Uno. Otherwise, you’ll need to spend more time moving forward and back to Romeo.

Old School RuneScape: Romeo and Juliet Quest Map

Deliver Juliet’s Message

By talking to Romeo again and giving him the letter, reading the letter will confirm that Juliet still loves him. However, they don’t know how to get out of this situation. Eventually, Romeo will suggest talking to Father Lawrence.

Talk To Father Lawrence

From Romeo, follow the main Varrock road east and then north. In the northeast corner of Varrock, you’ll find Father Lawrence’s church. Go inside and talk to him.

After a cut scene and chat, he will suggest using Cadava Potion to fool Juliet’s father into thinking she was dead. We need to talk about this Apothecary now.

Getting Cadava Berries

Before that, though, we need some Cadava Berries. Note that if you want to skip this step entirely, you can buy Cadava Berries from GE for about 80 OSRS Gold.

If you don’t have the budget, you can also head to the southeastern area outside Varrock’s walls, heading directly west from East Mine. Notice the bushes covered with pink berries? Click on one bush to harvest some Cadava Berries.

A quick note on the second point: while you’re here, it might be a good idea to grab some Redberries from other bushes if you have the inventory space. Because you will need Redberries for some other OSRS F2P tasks.

OSRS: Getting Cadava Berries

Speak To Apothecary

Now that we have Cadava Berries, we return to Apothecary’s house in Southwest quadrant within Varrock. For those of you who use Teleports, it’s time for Teleport No. 3.

After arriving at Apothecary’s house, talk to Apothecary and ask him about the quest. If the option does not appear, select the “something else” option and click Get Cadava Potion. Once you have that, we’re going to hand it over to Juliet.

Return To Juliet

Go northwest, return directly to Juliet, and give her the potion. After a brief cut scene showing her feigning death, we whisked her back to Romeo via the fourth and final teleportation.

OSRS: Romeo and Juliet Quest Guide - Ironman Friendly

Crypt - Completion

Once there, he will ask you to accompany him to Crypt. Don’t worry, there’s nothing more to do in this mission, you could see a Crypt cut scene. Among them, Romeo abandoned Juliet to her cousin Phillipa.

After the scenario ends, mission completion will ping and grant you 5 quest points. That’s it, another OSRS mission! I hope you find this Romeo and Juliet Quest guide useful!

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