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Old School RuneScape: How To Complete Demon Slayer Quest Quickly? - Ironman Friendly Guide

Welcome to another F2P OSRS quest guide. In this guide, we will take a look at Demon Slayer Quest! This guide is Ironman friendly, but any type of account can follow this guide.

This is a classic OSRS mission that will provide you with the demon-slaying sword, Silverlight. This is a simple mission. The only requirements are an OSRS Gold and the ability to defeat a very weak level 27 Demon.

We can find all items during the mission. However, if this is your first time completing the mission, I recommend that you first increase your combat level to around level 10, use a mix of ranged and melee gear, and prepare some food. Plus, some Energy Potion can save you some time.

Old School RuneScape: How To Complete Demon Slayer Quest Quickly? - Ironman Friendly Guide

Speak To Gypsy Aris

First, we need to talk to a woman named Gypsy Aris. Give her gold coins and she will tell your fortune. She will inform you that Demon Delrith is returning and will destroy Varrock. You will then see a spell to banish Demon. This is random for each player, so take a screenshot or note it down.

Speak To Sir Prysin

Now we just need to get Silverlight. Head north into Varrock Palace, on the first floor in the southwest corner and you’ll find Sir Prysin. Talk to him and tell him that Gypsy Aris sent you to ask for Silverlight.

He will then tell you that it is locked and requires 3 keys to open the lock. Ask him for the key and he will tell you that he lost it. The others are controlled by Captain Rovin, the guard at Varrock Palace and Wizard Traiborn, over at Wizards’ Tower.

OSRS: The Location Of The Three Keys

Captain Rovin’s Key

From here, head to the northwest corner of the palace and climb the ladder twice. You should find Captain Rovin in the room on the second floor. Talk to him and ask for the key. Once you finish the conversation, he’ll roar at Sir Prysin, but eventually he’ll hand over the key.

Sir Prysin’s Key

Return to the ground floor and this time head to the northeast corner. Go up the stairs inside the kitchen and grab one of the two barrels in the east bedroom. Go down the stairs into the kitchen and fill the bucket with water. Then continue through the door to the outside.

If you turn a full 180 degrees, you can see a gutter on the wall behind you, where you just came from. Use a bucket of water on the drainpipe, which will flush Sir Prysin’s Key into Varrock Sewers.

To the southeast of the castle, you can find Sewers’ entrance. Now head there. Once there, open the sewer hole cover and enter Sewers. Once inside, if you follow the pipe a short distance, you’ll find the second key.

OSRS: Sir Prysins Key Location

Wizard Traiborn’s Key

Now it’s time to find the third and final key. However, to unlock this piece, we need 25 sets of bones. If you don’t have these items in your bank yet, go back to Sewer’s entrance and kill the rats to get enough bones.

Once you have all 25 bones, or if you already have them, use Home Teleport to travel to Lumbridge.

Lumbridge goes west to Wizards’ Tower and goes up one level. Talk to Wizard Traiborn and he will tell you that what he saved is a special magical cupboard that requires 25 bones to summon. Hand over the bones and follow the ritual and you’ll get his key.

Note that if you are playing Ultimate Ironman or have other items in your inventory, you can deliver bones incrementally. Also, if you die and lose his key, you’ll have to pay 25 bones again.

Getting Silverlight

With all 3 keys in hand, we can now unlock Silverlight. So use Chronicle or Varrock Teleport to get back to Varrock.

Return to Sir Prysin, give him the key and get Silverlight. If you want a spare sword, you can now drop the sword and talk to him again to get another one.

But you need to spend 500 OSRS Gold to replace it after the mission is over. While it’s not a particularly good sword for combat, it’s roughly equivalent to a Steel Longsword.

OSRS: Demon Slayer Quest Quick And Easy Guide

Banishing Delrith

Now that we have Silverlight, it’s time to fight the demons.

So gather your combat gear. I recommend a mix of melee and ranged gear to get the most out of your Silverlight for melee attacks. Also, don’t forget to provide some spell protection from Dark Wizard that roams the area. Alternatively, you can bring some food and make sure you have banishing spells on hand. Then head to Stone Circle south of Varrock.

I recommend approaching from the south. When you get close enough, an instance will load and you’ll see a cut scene summoning Delrith. If you take my advice and approach from the south, this should be the easiest free route to Delrith.

Then we just wait for Delrith to get close and then jump in and attack him. He only has 7 HP and you need to say the spells shown previously in the correct order. If you do it correctly, you’ll get a quick animation of Delrith being sucked back into the void.

A notification sound will sound when the task is completed, and you will get 3 quest points for yourself. Low-level players need to evacuate the area to avoid being captured by Dark Wizard there.

That concludes this guide. I hope this Demon Slayer Quest guide was helpful!

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