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Old School RuneScape: The Best Farming Way To Earn Nearly 300k XP Daily! - Farming Mastery Guide

Today I’m going to show you a simple daily farming route that will get you nearly 300k Farming XP in less than 30 minutes!


Let’s start with inventory first. What I recommend: a full Graceful outfit or a Farmer’s outfit. If you want to cut down your own trees, you’ll also need to equip an Axe and a Digsite Pendant. If you’re renting a boat to Brimhaven, you’ll need to wear a Ring of Charos.

Your inventory also includes:

  • 1 Rune Pouch containing Teleportation spells to Lumbridge, Falador or Varrock
  • 1 Crystal Teleport Seed
  • 6 top grade Fruit Tree Sapling
  • 6 highest grade Normal Tree Sapling
  • 3 top grade Hardwood Saplings
  • 1 Calquat Sapling
  • 1 Redwood Sapling
  • 1 Celastrus Sapling
  • 1 Spade
  • 1 Rake

If you don’t cut down your own tree, you can unlock a few thousand OSRS Gold and items to protect your Sapling or Compost.

Old School RuneScape: The Best Farming Way To Earn Nearly 300k XP Daily! - Farming Mastery Guide

Since I’m making all the highest level trees in the game, I want to make sure they don’t die.

So I will also bring 240 Coconuts to plant Dragonfruit tree and Magic tree, 75 Yanillian Hops to plant Mahogany tree, 8 Poison Ivy Berries to plant Calquat tree, 6 Dragonfruits to plant Redwood tree, and 8 Potato Cactus to plant Celastrus tree.

My daily farming run does include Hespori, but there’s no need to grab this Hespori Seed before the end of the run, as you’ll need to be ready for the fight, anyway. But when you start fighting, be sure to bring Spade and Seed Dibber, and if there are still weeds, a Rake.

Farming Route

First, when we start running from Grand Exchange, I like to run up to Spirit Tree first and then head to Tree Gnome Stronghold.

To the east of Spirit Tree is a Fruit Tree Patch where we will plant saplings and then head southwest to Normal Tree Patch.

After planting the tree, I returned to Spirit Tree and teleported to Tree Gnome Village. Go through the gate, right click and follow Elkoy out of Maze, then to your southwest you will have your next Fruit Tree Patch!

From here, I teleported to the middle of Varrock and planted a tree to the northeast in front of the castle. Once in Lumbridge, I can run west and a little north behind the castle to reach my next woods before heading to Falador. From this remote location, you’ll run east to Falador Park and then to Taverley.

There are several ways to get to Taverley. You can use Games Necklace to run south and use Home Teleport if you have your POH Portal there. Or do my preferred method and teleport to Falador again, then run north and then west.

If you have Catherby in your Portal Nexus, plant this tree and teleport back to your POH Portal. Alternatively, you can use Camelot Teleport and run southeast.

This Fruit Tree Patch is located on the east side of Teleport, next to Grapple Shortcuts. If you haven’t unlocked Brimhaven Spirit Tree, from here you can run to Catherby docks and rent a boat to take you to Brimhaven. If you need to rent a boat, don’t forget your Ring of Charos!

No matter how you find your way to Brimhaven, you’ll run into Fruit Tree Patch near Hajedy, south of the pier. Plant your sapling, then run south to Tai Bwo Wannai. You can also use Teleport Scrolls to get to this location faster. But I didn’t mind running and got used to it over time.

OSRS: An Introduction to Farming Runs

At Tai Bwo Wannai, we are going to plant our Calquat tree and use our Crystal Teleport Seed to teleport us to Lletya.

In Elf Camp, you’ll find a Fruit Tree to your east and slightly south. You can find three Hardwood Patches north of Rowboat from Lletya to Fossil Island.

After planting these saplings, head to Farming Guild if you have access to it and be at the correct level. You can use Skills Necklace, Farming Cape, Fairy Ring CIR to get here quickly.

If you are level 65 or higher, you can plant a Normal Tree in the lower left part. If you are level 85 or above, you can plant a Fruit Tree and Celastrus Tree in the north area, and a Redwood if you are above level 90.

After completing these, pick up your Hespori Gear and Seed and work hard to complete your farming journey! If you have done Hespori before and have any Kronos Seed, I would also highly recommend planting it in Farming Guild West End Anima Patch to help your Redwood, Hardwood and Hespori grow faster. Because usually they can take several days to grow.

That’s it for this Farming Guide. If this is any different to how you farm your business and if this might be helpful to you, why not talk to us about it? Looking forward to seeing you in the game!

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