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RuneScape 3: 5 Tips For New & Returning Players To Build Accounts!

In this RS3 guide, I discuss 5 different tips to help new and returning players set up their accounts and reach the endgame of the game, whether maxing out or entering PVM.

Complete Quests

In RuneScape 3, you can visit RuneScape Wiki and find a list of the best tasks. It will give you a list of all the best tasks you need to complete on the screen. This is a great way to plan and figure out which task you should work on next.

RuneScape 3: 5 Tips For New & Returning Players To Build Accounts

But there are a ton of really useful unlockable locked behind quests, so it’s important to start ticking them off. There are 259 missions in the game so far, so completing them all is definitely a long-term goal.

But some tasks are very important. So I’ve created a complete guide on some quests that can lead to important rewards. Here are some tasks you should strive to complete.

The first is Waterfall Quest, which can be completed on a brand new account. This is a great start, as you do get quite a bit of Attack and Strength XP out of it. So you can skip those early levels and complete the mission.

RuneScape 3: Waterfall Quest

When starting your account, you also have tasks like Smoking Kills, which are very important for Slayer and creating Slayer Helmet.

You also have Fairy Tale Quest Series. It will give you Magic Secateurs and also unlock Fairy Rings.

There are many other World Wakes-like missions here. It offers you three original Combat Styles.

Then you have some high-end tasks like Extinction. It gets you Passive Ring Of Vigour, Fate of the Gods, and Plague’s End.

The list of such examples is long. So there are a lot of important tasks to complete. These tasks are very important to your account. Not only will you get good XP rewards from the tasks, it will also help you slowly build your account. By the end, if you were to complete every mission in the game, you would actually have a very high premium account.


Another thing that will really help build your account slowly over time is completing your dailies.

There are lots of different types of dailies out there, but one of my favorites is getting Vis wax. You only need level 50 Runecrafting to access Runecrafting Guild. You can earn around 1 million gold per day using this method. So this is really helpful for those lower-level accounts.

Low Effort & High GP dailies for gold in Runescape!

Another useful daily is the farm run. So in my case, I usually run Herb Farm as it does give you a bit of farming XP. But you can also earn quite a bit of RS3 Gold from it.

If you’re a new player and you want to train your farming, you’ll need to spend a little time figuring out what Herb Patches and Tree Patches are, and where everything is. But once you get into the habit, it’s a great way to train your farming skills.

There are other things that are monthly or weekly tasks. My highly recommended monthly Beneath Cursed Tides, Giant Oyster. You can go talk to Wizard Myrtle, and then go down and check on your Oyster once a month.

The nice thing about Giant Oyster is that not only do you get Clue Scroll rewards, you can also train fishing and farming from it. So it’s definitely a good idea to complete these. It will help build your account by earning these pretty decent XP every day.

Runescape 3: Giant Oyster Monthly D&D Tutorial Walkthrough Guide!

Set Attainable Goals

The next tip is to set achievable goals. If you want to get a really incredible weapon that takes a long time to get, you should actually break the goal down into different things. This is easier to achieve.

Just setting those goals and completing them over time will really help build your account. If your goals are unachievable, this can actually lead to burnout. You don’t end up completing your goals, which just makes you lose motivation to play the game and stop doing what you’re supposed to be doing.

Take Advantage Of Double XP

If you want your account to reach the ultimate goal of becoming a premium player, then taking advantage of Double XP campaign is definitely the best way to do it.

What I mean is that you can train your purchasable skills during Double XP. Not only will you get the job done twice as fast, but you’ll also save a ton of money.

Another strategy is to focus on skills you really dislike. So for me, I do use my viable skills on Double XP. But I also trained some skills that I really hated.

So when there is a quarterly Double XP event. I highly recommend you focus on the purchasable skills first. Then, once you’ve done that, start picking out those skills that you really hate training. Because that’s obviously half the time you spend training your skills.

RuneScape 3: Best Double XP Training Methods

Join A Community And Do What You Enjoy

My last suggestion is more general. There are tons of different communities in the game that you can join to connect with other people who play the game. You can try to achieve goals together, or go out and do some PVM tasks together. Often, playing games with other people really makes things more interesting.

The other thing is, do what you enjoy. Some things in RuneScape really aren’t enjoyable. But really, I recommend that you focus on things you really enjoy rather than forcing yourself to achieve a goal all at once. This can really help you prevent burnout. It just makes the game more fun in the long run.

Anyway, I really hope you guys find these tips helpful. I just wanted to share some tips and tricks to help new players set up their account and eventually reach the highest level. Because this is what many people strive to achieve. See you in the game!

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