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RuneScape 3: 7 Account Goals To Complete Before Challenging The Boss!

If you’re planning on taking on a boss in RuneScape 3, but want to know what account goals you should complete before doing so, then this guide is for you. In this RS3 guide, I cover the 7 most important account goals you need to complete before you start facing high level bosses.

Choose A Combat Style

Before you decide to challenge a boss, the first thing I suggest you do is figure out what Combat Style you want to use.

RuneScape 3: 7 Account Goals To Complete Before Challenging The Boss!

Now, there are four Combat Styles in RuneScape 3, namely Melee, Ranged, Magic and Necromancy. As of early 2024, Necromancy is the best Combat Style in RuneScape. It’s also the easiest to learn and adapt to.

So, if you are new to the game and want to challenge a boss, but don’t really have a Combat Style in mind that you want to use, then I recommend using Necromancy. Because it is a beginner friendly. There aren’t too many complicated mechanics here, you just have to follow a standard rotation.

Once you choose Combat Style, you could start to understand the abilities. If you choose Necromancy, you have its basic abilities. Your auto-attacks are just Necromancy’s basic abilities, such as Soul Sap and Touch of Death.

You can use Soul Strike to stun a target, or Volley of Souls to unleash all your stacks for powerful abilities.

Therefore, it is important to learn Combat Style and know which abilities to use. Once you know what abilities you have at your disposal, you’ll be able to adapt them to different bossing situations.

RuneScape 3: What Combat Style is the Best?

Unlock Abilities

The second goal you should strive to achieve is to unlock certain abilities through your Combat Style. Therefore, if you use Necromancy, you will need to unlock various abilities through Well of Souls.

Living Death would certainly be your first choice, but this requires level 76 Necromancy. You can also choose from three different Conjures to unlock Conjure and Command abilities from Spirit Pack and Darkness. And these unique abilities are really helpful for Necromancy.

Another ability that is almost essential for bossing is Devotion. This is a Threshold Defense ability. You need 50% Adrenaline to use it.

It increases the effectiveness of your Protection Prayers to 100% for 9.6 seconds. So this is crucial for a lot of different bosses.

Devotion can be obtained in a few different ways, one of which is by paying 3,500 bonus currency from Distractions and Diversions in Anima Islands. But more commonly, it is a rare item dropped by a General Graardor, Aviansie or Bandosian follower.

Devotion is an ability needed to face many bosses and is also a necessary condition for challenging bosses.

There is another ability that requires work. You don’t need to get it before fighting the boss, but it will definitely be helpful for some ultimate bosses, namely Disruption Shield.

Disruption Shield is an excellent endgame spell. It’s in Lunar spell book and does cost 290,000 Produce Points.

The easiest way to earn Produce Points is to purchase Livid Plants. So if you ever check out Traveling Merchant’s Shop and see some Livid Plants for sale, just buy them to earn Produce Points. And over time, you’ll eventually unlock Disruption Shield.

Abilities You Need to Unlock in RuneScape 3

Unlock Curses

The next goal is to unlock curses. This requires players to complete Temple at Senntisten Quest. This does require a lot of skills and tasks. But the most helpful one for the main Curse is Soul Split.

Soul Split now heals players for 10% of the damage dealt. So you get passive healing. If you deal with a lot of damage at once, you’ll be able to recover a lot from it.

When you actually start fighting bosses, you’ll notice that many bosses sometimes have a Prayer Flicking mechanic. Flicking allows players to use Prayer in combat without continually depleting their Prayer Points. Skilled players will turn on Prayer effect immediately before needing it. This will prevent Prayer from constantly draining between attacks.

When you switch from Protection Prayers or Deflect Curses to Soul Split and back, it just gives you some passive healing while also protecting yourself from incoming hits. Therefore, Soul Split is also very helpful for curses. This is a better version of Protection Prayers, except it deflects some damage back to the target.

Runescape 3: How To Unlock Curses?

Train Summoning

Another really useful goal is to have a high Summoning level. This is mainly to unlock Beast of Burden.

At level 96, you get Pack yak that holds 30 extra slots. So you can fill it with food, which makes defeating the boss easier. Summoned at level 67 you get War Tortoise with 18 sockets. This is doable for intermediate players, and getting to level 67 isn’t as difficult as level 96 Summoning.

Also, having a high Summoning level is also very helpful for using other available familiars. For example, Hellhound only requires Summoning level 45, but they absorb 20% of damage by taking hits. Blood Reaver is great for Poison builds, which require level 73 Summoning. Then there’s the level 90 Kal’gerion demon, which increases your critical hit chance.

Runescape 3: Is Summoning Worth It?


The next account goal is to create Overloads. Overloads require a level 96 Herblore to level up. So once you get level 96 Herblore, you can create Overloads.

This is a potion that increases your combat statistics. One of the major benefits of these potions is that it is a static increase. This means that after 6 minutes, it won’t decrease over time, making the stat boost disappear completely.

T70+ Gear

One of the next major goals you should strive to achieve is to get at least level 70+ gear.

Now, Necromancy is one of the easier skills to get this armor. This is a good starting point. At least level 70 gear can be obtained through Necromancy, then creating your own level 70, 80, and 90 gear isn’t that difficult. So we need to work hard to reach at least level 70.

But when you reach level 80 combat statistics, you need to continue working towards the next level. The first thing you need to try is getting a new weapon. DPS is the most important. Especially if you have Curses and Soul Split. Because the more damage you do, the more health you heal.

Runescape 3: Tier 70 Necromancy Tank Armor Upgrade Guide

Invention Perks

Finally, the seventh tip is to get Invention Perks. Invention Perks can greatly increase your DPS. Therefore, they are very helpful when you challenge the boss.

You can even spend RS3 Gold to get some Invention Perks on your weapons. And your armor Invention Perks can easily increase your DPS by at least 10%.

And you can also get other perks on your armor, such as Impatient, which generates more Adrenaline. Or if you use Necromancy, you can get extra perks like Invigorating. This will help you generate more Adrenaline in Necromancy basic attacks or automatic attacks that check resources.

RuneScape 3: Budget Invention Perks Guide

It really helps to get some starter perks in your combat gear. Because it can really help you improve your ability to handle certain mechanics and kill bosses faster.

These are my seven account goals before taking on the boss. If you complete all seven objectives, then you can at least start facing the boss!

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