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RuneScape 3: How To Defeat Raksha Effortlessly?

Are you still worried about Raksha, the Shadow Colossus in RuneScape 3? Have you ever been stuck in Raksha and been unable to move forward? To overcome this challenge, be sure not to miss this Raksha guide. I will share how to defeat Raksha without any effort.


Before we deal with Raksha, the Shadow Colossus, we need to find their location.

RuneScape 3: How To Defeat Raksha Effortlessly?

You need to complete some mini-quests before starting. In fact, this is a fairly short mini-quest for you, and shouldn’t be too difficult to overcome. They classify the difficulty level as Novice, so you should be able to breeze through it.

Typically, quests and mini-quests do have some form of requirements, including skill and item requirements. But that’s not a problem here as there are no requirements to complete Raksha mini-quest.

However, when you get to Raksha boss itself, we have some skill suggestions. You should make sure your Attack, Defense, Strength, Ranged, Magic and Invention are at least level 99. Meanwhile, level 67 Summoning, 95 Prayer, and 96 Herblore for Overloads will become the minimum standards for entering combat.

We first need to complete a small quest so that we can gain access to Raksha, the Shadow Colossus.

First, talk to Laniakea, who is located in the ruins southeast of Anachronia. From here, head west up the stairs, where you’ll need to siphon Shadow Anima Pool until it reaches 100%. This will cause you to lose 200 health points each time, so keep that in mind.

After that, go down the stairs and open the door near the pool. You’ll then be stalked into the dungeon by Laniakea, then quickly exit due to Shadow Anima’s toxicity.

You will then need to head east to the chamber entrance and talk to Zaros. Several cut-scenes play, with some dialogue in between, before Shadow Anima Container that teleports Raksha is interrupted. Keeper will engage in further dialogue before the mini-quest is completed.

RuneScape 3: Complete Beginners Guide To Raksha

Best Strategy

Before we delve into how to defeat Raksha, let’s give a little background on this monster.

Raksha is a rex dinosaur that can be used as either a single boss or a double boss. We can only fight it after completing the previously mentioned mini-quest.

Zaros removed Shadow Anima, interrupting Raksha’s slumber. Your mission is to subdue this rex dinosaur after its long hibernation.

When fighting a boss solo, Raksha has 800,000 health points. However, in a two-player battle, its health is doubled.

What you need to pay attention to is the high-precision attacks that Raksha has, with Attack and Ranged level 110 and Magic level 120. Its unprotected attack can deal over 5,000 points of damage, while its protected attack has 1,100-1,200 points of damage.

As for Raksha’s defense, his defense level is 85. He may seem intimidating at first glance as he has no real weaknesses, but he is the weakest when it comes to Ranged attacks.

Also, Raksha is immune to Stuns and Poison, but Leech and Reflect damage can come in handy.

Phase 1

In Raksha’s Phase 1, it will use auto-attack, as well as Tail Whip and Charge Attack. Plus, you have a Shadow Bomb to deal with.

If the battle drags on, Shockwaves may occur. Therefore, you need to continue attacking the boss and try to end this stage as quickly as possible. Don’t forget to use your Prayer and Defense to block his attacks.

Phase 2

In his Phase 2, you will occasionally receive a message informing you that Raksha is using Shadow Energy to inflict poison damage on you. You will see Raksha spawn Shadow Orbs around the player and then launch a powerful attack.

You need to click on Shadow Orb twice to evict it. You will receive a message when they are completely evicted. He will again try to use Shadow Blast attack siphoned from the pool. So please try to clean all pools before proceeding.

Phase 3

In Phase 3, Raksha speeds up the absorption of Shadow Anima. A message will appear and Raksha will anchor you in the shadows. This will summon a Shadow Manifestation for every player in the arena, giving them 10,000 health at level 160. So it’s best to deal with them as soon as possible to avoid dealing with them and Raksha at the same time.

Next, Keeper will tell you to run into Antechamber due to the severity of the shadow. Shadow Manifestation in Chamber will then begin to fade, and Shadow Anima Pool will not increase Raksha’s power.

He will then begin to follow the player, and Keeper will activate a holding shield to trap the boss and summon four hydraulic posts.

When enraged, Raksha regains Phase 3’s starting health of 400,000. Double that if you’re in a duo.

Don’t worry, keep approaching him as he has now given up his special attack and prefers his Tail Whip. Follow him and try to avoid him, and eventually he’ll gain a fresh attack called Erebus Charge.

However, if you have RS3 Gold budget to buy decent gear and maximize your inner strength, you should be able to defeat him before he reaches this stage.

Runescape 3: Improve your Raksha kills with these tips!


Speaking of Raksha’s drops, they don’t necessarily drop in failure. Instead, Keeper will teleport items to Antechamber Security projector location so you can pick them up from there.

You will find that there are many major drops from bosses, including Seeds, Salvage, Dragonhide, Scales, Runes and Spirits. While the major drops are more common, you can also get valuable items such as Blast Diffusion Boots, Greater Ricochet Ability Codex, and Broken Shackle.


Hopefully, this Raksha guide will give you an idea of how to find and defeat him. With adequate preparation, you should be able to knock out Raksha without taking too much damage. Enjoy the battle and the loot you get!

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