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How To Complete This F2P Vampyre Slayer Quest In Old School RuneScape?

Feb 08 ,2024

Here we bring Vampyre Slayer quest guide! This is a great F2P quest that can be completed at low levels, and it gives an awesome 5k Attack XP!

This is a simple mission. The only requirement is being able to defeat a level 34 Vampyre with health regeneration. In this fight, I’ll show you the standard way of fighting, as well as using Magic to reach a safe point and defeat Vampyre.

In terms of items, you’ll need a Hammer and a Beer or 3 OSRS Gold, plus Melee or Magic combat gear, depending on which method you want to used to kill Count Draynor. Chronicle or Varrock Teleport and, as always, some Energy or Stamina Potions will save you some time.

Talk To Morgan

To begin the quest, head to Draynor Village, just north of Ned’s home. Once there, enter the house and talk to Morgan to accept the quest.

How To Complete This F2P Vampyre Slayer Quest In Old School RuneScape?

Collect Garlic

Before leaving Morgan’s house, go upstairs. Then go around to the back of the room, open and search the cupboard for some garlic. Actually, you don’t really need this item, but it will make your fight with Count Draynor a lot easier.

Coincidentally, collecting garlic from this cabinet and selling it to GE is also a good way to make money! You need to make sure you have 3 coins, and assuming you brought Chronicle as recommended, use it or the standard teleport to reach Varrock. Once here, head to Blue Moon Inn.

Talk To Dr Harlow

Once inside, you can buy a standard beer from the bartender for 2 coins. Then talk to Dr Harlow, the swinger with the blood on his apron. Tell him “Morgan needs his help” and he’ll ask for a beer. Talk to him again and give him beer, and he will give you a bet during the rest of the narrative.

Buy Hammer

Now we only need to get one more item to kill Vampyre, and that’s Hammer. Go north from the inn and buy a Hammer from Varrock general store for 1 OSRS Gold.

Defeat Count Draynor

At this point, we need to prepare for the upcoming battle with Count Draynor.

Melee Combat

You can do this the old-fashioned way and use Melee to kill Count Draynor. This quest recommends a combat level of 20, but I think you can kill him at a lower level.

Anyway, grab your best Melee Gear and Armor. I recommend picking up Mithril Scimitar and at least full Steel, some food, and of course Garlic, Stake and Hammer!

Enter the crypt, click on Coffin and duel with Count. Once he’s dead, congratulations! You have completed the mission and will be rewarded with 3 Quest Points and 4,825 Attack XP. If you get killed or struggle, I recommend leveling up a little more, upgrading your gear or bringing more/better food. Then come back and try again.

Old School RuneScape: Vampyre Slayer Quest Squares Position

Magic Combat

Another way is to use Magic to kill Count Draynor. This is a brilliant method as it allows you to kill Count at a much lower overall combat level.

Also, you can do some simple tasks to gain enough Magic levels to kill this Count. I recommend getting at least level 13 Magic for this in order to use a Fire Strike.

Therefore, you need to complete Witch’s Potion and Imp Catcher quests before then. This will get you to Magic level around level 10. Once you’ve completed this, head to Chickens in Lumbridge to get an additional 3 Magic levels.

In terms of equipment, you should prepare Wizards Robes, a Hat, Training Shield, a Fire Staff, Wind & Mind Runes, an Amulet of Magic, Leather Vambraces, Cape and Leather Boots.

Also, if your combat level is still low, bring enough food. Remember to keep Garlic, Stake, and Hammer!

When ready, enter the crypt and click on Coffin to summon Count. Instead of dueling him this time, run into the square shown on the screen and make sure Count follows you.

He is in the square next to you. Right click and select the “walk here” option. When you do this, Count will switch places with you or move into one of the other adjacent squares. What we want him to do is switch places. So if he doesn’t, return to the starting square and repeat the right-click “walk here” process until he switches with you.

Once you have him swap, move into the square diagonally adjacent to him so that the skeleton is between you and him. He can’t hit you in this position. At this point, you just need to make sure Fire Strike is set to auto-cast and attack him, and you should be able to kill him from this safe spot.

One thing to keep in mind with both methods is that if you take too long to kill him, the instance will reset and you will have to start fighting him again. If you can tire him out, you’ll automatically kill him with Stakes in the heart when his health drops to zero.

If you complete the mission, you’ll be rewarded with 3 Quest Points and 4,825 Attack XP. If you get killed within the time limit or have trouble killing him, go upgrade your Magic and come back. That concludes this guide. I hope you found this Vampyre Slayer Quest guide useful!

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