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How To Quickly Complete This Prince Ali Rescue Quest In Old School RuneScape? - A Comprehensive Guide

Feb 21 ,2024

Hello and welcome to another OSRS quest guide. In this guide, we’ll explain all the tips you need to know to complete this Prince Ali Rescue quest! This quest will give you access to Al Kharid Toll Gate for free, so it’s a useful quest!

This is primarily a get and carry mission. There are no real requirements other than to be careful of level 26 Jailers. You don’t need to fight them, but can damage them when entering at a very low level. Don’t forget, 2-3 Lumbridge Teleports and some Energy or Stamina Potion will help speed things up!

How To Quickly Complete This Prince Ali Rescue Quest In Old School RuneScape? - A Comprehensive Guide

Collect Items

First, we’re going to Varrock, specifically Thessalia’s Fine Clothes, where we need to buy a Pink Skirt for 2 OSRS Gold.

You can then buy 3 bottles of beer from the nearest bar for 2 coins each. Or go to Barbarian Village and collect 3 bottles of beer from the longhouse.

It’s time to mine. Grab your Pickaxe and head to Rimmington or Dwarven Mine to mine 1 Copper Ore, 1 Tin Ore and 1 piece of Clay. Find the furnace nearest you and smelt Copper and Tin into a Bronze bar.

Afterwards we will go to Wydin’s Food Store in Port Sarim. Here we want to buy a Pot of Flour for 10 coins and some Redberries for 3 coins.

Next, pick up Axe and Tinderbox, chop down any tree, and light the logs on fire. Wait a minute for the fire to die down and collect the ashes. Or if you see someone else’s fire go out and they leave ashes behind, pick them up.

In Lumbridge, go to Castle Kitchen and make sure you have Clay you mined earlier. Pick up a kettle from the table and place it in the sink. Now, use it on Clay you mined earlier to get Soft Clay needed for the mission. Before you go, remember to refill your jug to get Jug of Water you need.

Next, we need 3 Balls of Wool to make the wig. Fortunately, Lumbridge may be the best place to do this. So grab your shears and shear the 3 sheep in the field north of the castle. Then head to Castle Spinning Wheel to spin the wool into Balls of Wool.

Still in Lumbridge area, you can catch 2 Onions from the vegetable patch behind Farmer Fred’s house. Make sure you have 5 coins as you are going west to Draynor Village and have Aggie make Yellow Dye for you.

The last item we need is some rope. The most convenient option is to buy some rope from Ned in Draynor Village for 18 coins.

Old School RuneScape: Prince Ali Rescue Quest Map

Start Your Quest

Now that we have all the items, we are finally ready to start the quest.

We need to go to Al Kharid Palace and talk to Chancellor Hassan, accept the quest and he will take you to Osman. Osman is outside the palace, the man in the black hood.

After you find him, he will briefly explain the circumstances of the prince’s capture, and then guide you to see his contact person, Leela. But you can totally skip this section because we don’t actually need to talk to her before we need Cell Key.

Find Skin Paste

Let’s head to Draynor Village to get our Skin Paste and Yellow Dye from Aggie. For this step, you will need Bucket of Water, Pot of Flour, Redberries and Ashes.

Making Blonde Wig

Then find Ned. He is also in Draynor Village. Give him your Balls of Wool and get the wig. Once you get it, use Yellow Dye immediately to get Blonde Wig. At this point, we should have everything we need except Cell Key.

Old School RuneScape: Prince Ali Rescue Quest Route

Get Cell Key

Then make sure you take Soft Clay into the jail and talk to Lady Keli. Click on the options and choose the option that best suits her, also known as options (1, 1, 2, 1, 1). This will leave an imprint of your key in Soft Clay.

Next, use Lumbridge Teleport and return to Osman from there. Talk to him and he will take Bronze bar and key imprint from your inventory and tell you to collect the key from Leela. So, after the conversation, head all the way back to Draynor Village.

Then, you need to find Leela between the wheat fields and the jail east of Draynor Village. After talking to her, she will give you Cell Key.

Rescue Prince

Finally, we get to the actual rescue part of the mission. Before doing this, make sure you have Rope, Skirt, Skin Paste, Wig, 3 Beers, and Cell Key.

After entering the jail, talk to the guard. Give him a bottle of beer and he will drink all 3 bottles of beer. Since the guard is incapacitated, we only need to pay attention to Lady Keli. Just use the rope on her and you will tie her up and put her in the cabinet. We are now free to rescue the prince.

Enter the cell and talk to the prince and he will disguise himself and escape. From here, use another Lumbridge Teleport and return to Chancellor Hassan in Al Kharid. Talk to him to complete the mission.

OSRS Prince Ali Rescue Quest Reviews


After completing the quest, the rewards you can receive include: 3 Quest Points, 700 coins and Free Use of Al Kharid Toll Gate. You may have noticed that when you use the gate on the return trip, you already have the gate. That concludes this guide. I hope this Prince Ali Rescue quest guide was useful to you!

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