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Old School RuneScape: What New Content And Change Will The Final Forestry Update Bring?

Dec 20 ,2023

Today I will discuss the final planned Forestry update. If you haven’t updated in the past few months and know nothing about Forestry, you can’t miss this guide!

A few weeks ago, OSRS team posted a blog about wrapping up Forestry with some last changes and tweaks. But they will definitely clarify that this is not Forestry Part 3. These are just some of the quality of life changes.

Old School RuneScape: What New Content And Change Will The Final Forestry Update Bring?

Event Items

First, let’s get into event items. They mentioned that they have added new event items to the game to provide a new way to earn OSRS Gold through woodcutting.

But the ultimate feedback on these items is that they make a very simple skill unnecessarily complex, making players feel like they have to do a lot of preparation to effectively train the skill.

As a result, all Forestry event items will be removed from the game. This means you only need Forestry Kit and Axe to spawn any event items. This does not affect any actual forestry rewards, only event items, namely Clover Insignia, Powdered Pollen, Smoker Fuel, Trap Disarmer Blueprint, Crystal Charm, and Egg Cushion.

They note at the end of this section that when this update launches, any event items left in the game will be converted to OSRS Gold, equal to the average price of removed items moved to event generation.

Event Spawns

The blog points out how the current Forestry meta is about staying in a world and running around a taking part in events, even getting summoned in clan chat for the best XP and chances of getting unique items. The problem is that this leads to exactly the situation they wanted to avoid with Forestry: people gathering in small areas instead of being dispersed around Gielinor.

To address this issue, they will change the way the event operates. With this update, event spawn chances will be based on the last two trees you felled within three minutes. In particular, what you cut down isn’t necessarily what you get the logs from, so don’t worry if you’re at a lower level.

Each tree you cut down has a 20 tile radius within which events you can take part can occur.

If you’re within that range, you’ll get the standard full XP, Anima-infused Bark, and the unique roll chance you normally get from Forestry events.

However, if you’re outside of this given range, you can technically still take part in these events, but you won’t gain as much. You will only earn 10% XP and are not eligible for Anima-infused Bark or unique items.

Hopefully with this change, people will be more dispersed among the different trees to keep Forestry being a broad skill approach. There will also be longer downtime between Forestry events. But in exchange for the extra wait, you’ll be more likely to collect unique items.

OSRS Final Forestry Update: What's New and What's Changing?

Twitcher’s Gloves

Next they discussed Twitcher’s Gloves. Twitcher’s Gloves are single-use items purchased from Forestry Store. Whenever they get a nest from Woodcutting, your chance of getting a specific Bird Nest increases by 10%. These gloves have 250 charges, and each log you receive consumes one charge.

Overall, the feedback for Twitcher’s Gloves hasn’t been the most positive. In particular, players don’t like that you need to constantly recharge the gloves to benefit from them.

Starting with the next update, Twitcher’s Gloves will be completely redesigned as a single item with no cost, and it will increase their Bird Nest buff to 20%.

Since this is a large buff, the price of Twitcher’s Gloves will increase to 5,000 Anima-infused Bark as well as 500 Willow logs.

It will remove all old gloves from the game, and you will receive a refund for any gloves you may have in your bank at the time of removal.

Arctic Pine Trees

The last change the team hopes to make is Arctic Pine Trees. Players need logs from these trees to receive some rewards, but they spawn in few locations and some restricted accounts don’t have access to them.

Since it’s really just a tree, the team felt the trees shouldn’t be locked behind the mission. So the developers will add a new grove of Arctic Pine Trees around Rellekka.

That sums up Forestry! What changes are you most excited to see from the upcoming Forestry update?

Old School RuneScape: Tips And Tricks You Need To Know About Forestry

Nov 20 ,2023

The new version of Forestry comes with a series of exciting additions to Woodcutting, making it even more fun. The community gathers in designated worlds to complete Events, Pet Hunting, and XP collection. This is what I have honed into 99 Woodcutting on my maxing journey.

So here I want to share some Forestry tips. These tips have really enriched my experience and I hope it helps you too.


We’ll start with a very basic one. You probably already know this. In order to turn your Beaver Pet into a Fox or Pheasant, you must have rare items that drop from events.

In order to have a chance of dropping, you must have a Trap Disarmer and Padded Spoon equipped in your Forestry toolbox. Alternatively, you can spend OSRS Gold from Grand Exchange to purchase inventory or trade with Freaky Forester.

Old School RuneScape: Forestry Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

Here are some of my tips to make the event easier and more efficient so you can gain more experience.

Haircut Event

For example, when each event resets at the end, you can just pick a set of flowers so you still get the full experience drops for the entire event.

This also applies to Haircut Events. But it depends on how much you interact with it.

Therefore, I recommend you return to Woodcutting after completing Haircut Event and make sure to stock up on some items. For example, Padded Spoon, Bee on a stick and all the items that make the event happen. This will enhance your experience. They will pop up more depending on how many items you have in your inventory or Forestry toolbox.

For some of them, you do get more rewards just by having the item in your Forestry kit.


When Leprechaun comes out, you’ll pop up a Rainbow. When you stand under Rainbow for about 2 game ticks, it will give you enhanced experience points, regardless of how many experience points the wood you are cutting has dropped.

I recommend tagging all Rainbows as they appear. Because of their IDs, you must tag them individually. But once you have all Rainbows, they’re easier to catch, and you won’t miss out on the boosting experience.


During Poacher event, you will place traps on the ground, which last approximately 7 game cycles. I recommend you keep chopping wood until the last possible moment, and be sure to consider run times, so that you hit the trap at the best time. This way you get more experience points and don’t waste woodcutting experience points disarming traps.

Old School RuneScape: Tips And Tricks You Need To Know About Forestry

Ritual Circle

The same applies to Ritual Circle. You’ll have approximately 27 game minutes to reach Ritual Circle, stand on it and receive 300 experience points at the end of the event.

You will need to get around 3000 full experience points. So when you're woodcutting, it’s definitely worth doing it efficiently. Please don’t just stand on the circle unless you just want to AFK.


During a Mulch event, be aware of other people calling the rotation. For example, if someone said RRG, they would say first is red, second is red, and third is green. If you’re the one calling the rotation, be a team player.

If you want to farm Fox Whistle, remember that it doesn’t matter how many traps you disarm, but how long you were there from the start of the campaign to the end.

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