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RuneScape 3: The 8 Best Ways To Use Infinite Porter Buff

If you’ve already collected Infinite Porter Buff, let’s take a look at the best ways to use Infinite Porter Buff before you start Breakdance at Lumbridge Castle.

Max Gathering Skills

Your primary goal with Porter Buff should be to use it to train any Porter in useful Gathering skills, and you’ll need XP to gain that skill. This means that wherever you train Mining, Fishing, Woodcutting, Farming, Hunter, and Divination, you will gain the most experience points.

RuneScape 3: The 8 Best Ways To Use Infinite Porter Buff

Hunting Arch Weapons

So, after the most obvious use, let’s move on to the next best use for Porter Buff. The next best thing to using your Porter Buff is to hunt your Archeology Weapons.

This means you need to mine Spear of Annihilation tip in Bandos’s sanctum debris in Warforge, or mine your Inquisitor staff piece at any Praetorium excavation site.

As you probably know from any advanced Archeology training, Archeology drains your Porter charge significantly.

Now you don’t need to collect more Divine Energy from the ring. Over the next 14 days, Porter would get more and more. You should have a pretty good chance of getting one of the best weapons in the game completely free. Especially when the current combat beta is thrown into live play.

Collecting Binding Contracts

Next we have the same thing, which is collecting Blood of Orcus or Hellfire metal for Binding Contracts. There are two major ways we can use Porter Buff to get these supplies.

The first is to do this via AFK, but this will make you collect these items slower. Or we have a version that’s far less AFK, but gives you those supplies much faster.

RuneScape 3: Collecting Binding Contracts

Personally, I went with AFK version last time we had this buff, and will probably go that route again. It provided me with supplies for 9,000 Binding Contracts.

AFK version’s time is divided into 107 Ancient magick munitions hotspots or 107 Excavation hotspots. Infernal Source Dig Site located in these hotspots will provide us with approximately 50 Blood of Orcus or 50 Hellfire metal per hour. The benefit of this is that it’s completely AFK for a few minutes until you receive the damaged Artefacts.

The other option is not nearly as good as AFK, but will give you more Blood of Orcus or Hellfire metal. That is to use one material cache for each supply. If you choose this approach, I recommend activating Resourceful Aura and utilizing Cadantines to keep the cache alive longer. This will give you an hour more supplies.

Collecting Food For PVM

But I personally would go for Ancient magick munitions hotspots, which is also the next best use for your Porter Buff, which is to collect food for PVM.

We have an AFK version and a non-AFK version. In either case, I highly recommend using level 99 Archaeology’s Bait and Switch Relic for AFK route.

We’ll head to Deep Sea Fishing hub and head to Swarm fishing plot, which will give you a few minutes AFK. Using a Swarm fishing plot along with Bait and Switch Relic, we will receive plenty of cooked fish for PVM.

But you may receive a lot of unnecessary food at level 99, so that’s definitely a disadvantage. Since the primary target of our catch is fish, not jellyfish, this is our most desired PVM food.

If you are looking for a specific fish, we can do the same thing. But going to a specific location and getting more fish in less time depends on what you value more, gathering supplies quickly or earning more RS3 Gold.

Runescape 3: Collecting Food For PVM - Loot From 120 Fishing

Collecting Masterwork Armor

My next suggestion is to use your Porter Buff to get Masterwork Armor supplies if you haven’t already collected them. A complete set of Masterwork Armor requires 13,24 different Ores.

This means we need to mine a lot in Ironman Mode. I recommend using different mining buffs such as Juju mining potion or Perfect plus potion. This will maximize your AFK time.

Runescape 3: How to make Masterwork Armour

Blessed Flask Grind

Likewise, you can use your Porter Buff to mine Sandstone. Keep in mind that Blessed Flask requires 40,000 Extra Fine Sand when mining Sandstone. Each successfully collected a piece of Sandstone is worth approximately 45 Extra Fine Sand if you disassemble each piece.

This means that for Blessed Flask, you need to mine nearly 89,000 Sandstone in total. If you don’t use buffs here, this is going to be an extensive project.

RuneScape 3: Blessed Flask Grind

Cave Nightshade

Next, we will collect Cave Nightshade to make weapon poison. But we don’t need to use Porter Buff heavily because the weapon poison dose lasts a long time, and each Nightshade is equivalent to at least three doses of weapon poison.

If you’re messing around with weapon poison, this might be a good way to go. Basically, you no longer have to spend hours collecting Cave Nightshade.

RuneScape 3: High Level Money Making - Cave Nightshades


Finally, during combat, some monsters actually provide useful drops, which can be stored via Porter. Most importantly, these items cannot be recorded via a Magic notebook.

These monsters are Nightmare Muspah and Nills. Musa Point dropped by Nightmare Muspah is used to improve Divination Buff, while the nearby Nills drops secondary items to match Nihil familiar.

However, due to our significant reduction in combat effectiveness, these familiars are no longer that powerful. But they still have some good niche uses, especially if your weapons and gear aren’t 100% optimal just yet.

As a side benefit, most of these monsters drop Elder Energy faster than you can use them for Porter Buffs. This means that in most cases you can also benefit from Divine charge.

Here are eight ways I use Infinite Porter Buff. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or just starting out, these tips and strategies will revolutionize the way you use your Infinite Porter. Have a great day.

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