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RuneScape 3: How To Win Ancient Awakening Quest Quickly And Earn Massive Gold?

In the world of RuneScape 3, staying ahead of the curve in crafting RS3 Gold is crucial for any dedicated player.

With the release of Ancient Awakening mission, players have a unique opportunity to earn lucrative RS3 Gold by providing essential items to other adventurers. 

Our guide details every step from prerequisites to combat, ensuring you successfully complete the journey and capitalize on material requirements to maximize your earnings.

Ancient Awakening mission is the latest part of V4 storyline in RuneScape 3. The mission revolves around Herblore and unlocks a brand new city beneath the fortress. While the missions themselves offer exciting new content, the potential for lucrative gold mining here is also well worth our attention.

RuneScape 3: How To Win Ancient Awakening Quest Quickly And Earn Massive Gold?


Ancient Awakening quest involves combat. So don’t forget to equip your best gear, potions, and food in advance. You can also speed up your journey with items like Fort Forinthry Teleport Scrolls and Archeology Journal.

Start Quest

First, we need to start the mission by talking to Overseer Siv at Fort Forinthry Command Centre. Completing Dead and Buried quest and reaching the minimum level of 50 Necromancy are the prerequisites for us to start Ancient Awakening quest.

You can find Aster in Dragonkin Tomb after accepting the mission and selecting any dialogue options. This tomb is located in Wilderness Crypt north of Fort Forinthry.

You need to collect 20 Dragonkin Artefacts after we talk to Aster. These Artefacts will sparkle around the tomb. Tomb Zombies will appear around them and will yield 2-3 artefacts after defeating them. Once you have obtained all Artefacts, you can report to Aster.

RuneScape 3: Fort Forinthry's Newest Quest - Dead & Buried

Jolly Boar Inn

Then we need to head northeast from Varrock to Jolly Boar Inn. Once there, find and talk to Bill. Select the second dialogue option and go upstairs to talk to Ellamaria. To progress quickly, select the fourth dialogue option.

It will then teleport us to Varrock and head west of Champions’ Guild. Find the quest icon and talk to Aster. When prompted, select the third conversation option. After she disappears, read the mysterious letter she left behind.

RuneScape 3: Fort Forinthry Battle

Fort Forinthry Battle

Return to Fort Forinthry Town Hall and talk to Aster and the other NPCs. We then head east to Grove cabin and activate the rowboat, enter the cutscene and find the ultimate boss. We must fight and defeat waves of zombies and skeletons to continue progressing.

We need to explore the island, go to the tower, and prepare ourselves for 12 waves of battles with various enemies. Use the regeneration abilities between waves to restore health if needed. The final mini-boss marks the climax of this battle.

Once the battle is over, we get to witness an engaging cutscene. Then, navigate the island and interact with a Runic projector.

Collect Motes of Energy by touching bookshelves and pillars. With these in hand, approach Runic projector again and talk to Archivist illusion. After the conversation, examine the nearby mysterious device and return to Fort Forinthry.

At Fort Forinthry, approach Town Hall and find the blue quest symbol. Have a conversation with an NPC. Once completed, this Ancient Awakening mission is complete.

RuneScape 3: Ancient Awakening Quest Guide


Mission rewards include the ability to unlock and upgrade Boton’s workbench. After the update, players will reach the maximum level 3 as quickly as possible. This is where you step in and provide the building materials needed to speed up their progress.

The key to earning gold in RuneScape 3 often lies in recognizing the need for specific items or materials during and after it released new missions. 

With Ancient Awakening, the focus is on building materials. Players eager to advance quickly in the game will be willing to pay a premium for these materials. Therefore, you can take advantage of this demand and earn good coins.

Ancient Awakening mission in RuneScape 3 provides players who want to advance quickly with a great opportunity to earn a handsome profit by providing materials. By trading specific materials and using the right strategies, you can make a decent amount of money!

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