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RuneScape 3: How To Make Huge Profits With Antifire Potion? - Gold Making Guide

Welcome fellow RuneScape 3 players to another in-depth guide as we delve into the lucrative gold crafting opportunities.

Today we are discussing a method related to the new boss in Vorkath that is coming to RuneScape 3. Because this new boss is a dragon, players will have a surge in demand for Antifire Potions, especially Super Antifire Potions

This guide will tell you how to use this potion to maximize your profits in preparation for the next boss.

RuneScape 3: How To Make Huge Profits With Antifire Potion? - Gold Making Guide

Antifire Potion

Let’s start with the basics. Currently, Regular Antifire Potion is worth approximately 6,200 RS3 Gold on Grand Exchange. However, they tend to be sold for over 12,000 gold. This provides a sizable headroom for flipping, yielding approximately at least 3.7k gold per dose.

And a more profitable option is Super Antifire Potion, which is even better value. The unfinished potion has a price tag of around 16k RS3 Gold. We can sell the completed Super Antifire Potion for approximately 23k gold coins. Although it is less profitable than the regular Antifire Potion, it is still quite profitable.

RuneScape 3: Why You Should Make Super Antifire Potions?


Before we delve into how to make gold, you first need to make sure you have all the necessary ingredients. Such as Unfinished Antifire Potion, Dragon Scale Dust and Phoenix Feathers.

How To Make Money With Antifire Potion?

Now, let’s inspect how to make substantial profits from Antifire Potion. Suppose you spend 15k to buy Antifire Potion, then the cost of making a bottle of Antifire Potion is 15k gold coins. If you don’t have Dragon Scale Dust and other materials, your expenses will increase accordingly.

However, the most critical ingredient here is Dragon Scale Dust. While collecting it can be time-consuming, it’s worth it.

An unfinished Antifire Potion costs 7k RS3 Gold, and you can craft a regular Antifire Potion for around 99.4k gold. Even if you sell at the low end, you’ll still make a profit of around 3k gold per potion. And selling at the high end, you can earn at least close to 7k gold per potion.

RuneScape 3: Collecting Blue Dragon Scales

Also, there are items you can use to maximize your profits.

First, Portable Wells are essential, as they double the number of potions you can make. Make sure to have Scroll of Daemonheim to get Scroll of Efficiency.

Next, Botanist’s Mask will help you make more potions efficiently. And using God Pages can trigger your Portable Wells more frequently.

If you farm Herbs, Supreme Growth Potions, and use items like Dwarven Tools, you can enhance your Herb Collection to further increase your profits. Especially with the weekend XP bonuses coming, herbs like Ranarr and Lantadyme may see an increase in demand, allowing you to make even more profits.


By following these strategies, you can earn a profit of 7k RS3 Gold per bottle of Antifire Potion. With the potential to manufacture approximately 2000 doses of Antifire Potion per hour, you can accumulate a profit of 14 million gold. And that’s without taking into account the additional boosts brought by Portable Wells, Botanist’s Mask, and God Pages.

To maximize your profits, you can also collect Phoenix Feathers in the desert. This can add 9k worth to your Antifire Potion, bringing your total profit per potion to around 8k gold. Moreover, if you turn ordinary Antifire Potion into Super Antifire Potion, you can increase your profit by another 7k.

RuneScape 3: Phoenix Feathers


Overall, this method provides an excellent way to train your Herblore skills and make a decent profit, especially if you’ve stocked up on more Phoenix Feathers. You can craft up to 2,000 Antifire Potions per hour, potentially earning a profit of 23,000 gold per potion.

With the upcoming release of Vorkath entering the game, Antifire Potion prices have skyrocketed. This strategy is an ideal way to prepare for an upcoming boss, ensuring you have the resources and funds you need for the adventure. Good luck!

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