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RuneScape 3: How To Get Black Partyhat For Free During Christmas Event 2023?

On Christmas Day 2001, RuneScape 3 released Black Partyhat for the first time. And this year, RuneScape 3 finally released its first Christmas release Party Hat since 2001, and new players and old players have equal opportunities to get it. And the arrival of Black Partyhat also adds a unique “Scapey moment” to our Christmas celebrations!

Here, we will talk about how to get this Black Partyhat for free during Christmas event. Without further ado, let’s get started!

RuneScape 3: How To Get Black Partyhat For Free During Christmas Event 2023?

How To Get A Black Partyhat?

I know that getting Black Partyhat is the top priority for almost everyone actively taking part in 2023 RuneScape 3 Christmas event. It’s so exciting to have a new Christmas-specific Party Hat. Because the last time this happened, most of us went from young adults to non-existence.

However, for those of you who want to wear a Black Partyhat, I have good news and bad news.

First, the good news is that anyone has an equal chance of getting themselves a Black Partyhat. This is a very rare event item that is not locked behind a pay-to-win or FOMO model.

Players don’t have to work hard to win it. You only need to play for a short period each day to earn Nice Points, which will give you a chance to earn it.

But the disadvantages are also obvious. The developers themselves stated that Black Partyhat will be very rare. So while it’s possible for players to get it without wasting time in Extreme Grind, your chances of getting it are still very low. There is no doubt that the dealer’s pricing is out of reach for the average Grand Exchange player.

So you need to collect your Nice Points every day and wait for good luck.

RuneScape 3: Get Your Black Party Hat! - Christmas Event Starts

How To Earn More Nice Points?

Thankfully, the way to earn daily Nice Points is as simple as sending three letters to Santa every day. You will find all three letters using the following method.

  • Talk to Clementine and Snow Imp is located outside Santa’s Lodge.
  • Complete your daily challenges.
  • Attend Christmas events in the area, such as Ice Fishing.

Depending on your daily challenge, you can quickly complete the above tasks. It took me about twenty minutes to do all the above on my first day, and I played pretty casually. Once received, simply mail the letter to the mailbox next to Clementine.

If you miss getting Santa’s letter, you can go to Christmas Spirit Shop, buy a new one with 400 Christmas Spirit, and send it out. That way, no matter your schedule and real-life priorities, you never miss out.

RuneScape 3: Weekly Giveaway Time

Weekly Giveaway Time

During the event, Santa will arrive at Lodge every Sunday at 8 PM and 10 PM RuneScape time. There will be a 30-minute timer here to let players know the happy one is coming.

Don’t forget to interact with Santa. He will reward you with a gift for your Nice Points. And you might also get a Black Partyhat as a reward.

This is an exciting draw. Don’t worry if you can’t arrive within two hours. Santa will leave, but you can get RS3 Gold reward by interacting with Santa’s Sledge next to Lodge. So be sure to check back after Sunday night because you might be the lucky winner!

Personally, I’ll ring the bell and make the trek from Ice Fishing location to Lodge to see if Santa thinks I’m worthy of this fashion-forward item.

While Black Partyhat is undoubtedly the highlight of RuneScape 3 Christmas 2023 event, it’s far from the only reward on offer. There are new items for 2023, as well as plenty of traditional Christmas rewards that you can earn by earning Christmas Spirit. So enjoy the holiday spirit and good luck!

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