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RuneScape 3: A Complete Guide To 2023 Halloween Event!

Welcome to this year’s Halloween Event on RuneScape 3! If you have not participated in a Halloween event for more than ten years, the content of this event will surprise you. In this guide, we’ll take a thorough analysis into 2023 Halloween Event to learn more about how you can join in the festivities and earn substantial rewards.

Event Overview

This year’s Halloween Event will be held from October 16 to November 5, 2023.

Halloween Event 2023 will bring a series of exciting activities. Your major goals are to smash Party Pumpkins, take part in Pumpkin Parties and assist Pumpkin Pete in his mysterious Necromancy Ritual. If you haven’t come across this game feature before, don’t worry, we’ll keep you updated.

RS3: Halloween Event 2023 Guide

During the event, Pumpkin Pete needs players’ help to grow new pumpkin heads with Necromantic energy. When talking to him, he will give the player a Rotten Pumpkin Mask.

Players need to upgrade it to Pumpkin Mask by crushing Party Pumpkins during Pumpkin Parties event or by consuming Gourd Gorger Gobstopper. Pumpkin Mask prevents light sources placed at Layer 1 and Layer 2 light source points from being exhausted during Necromancy Ritual.

Players can get various rewards after smashing pumpkins, including Ensouled Pumpkin Mask, Orange Hallowe’en Mask, and Sweets that produce beneficial effects during the event.

How To Get Started?

To start your Halloween Event adventure, head to Fort 4 and 3 and look for Pumpkin Pete. If you haven’t built Lodestone yet, don’t worry, you can still participate.

Due to the large influx of spooky skeletons in the game, Pumpkin Pete has encountered some problems with his head. Your mission is to lend a helping hand by waving your arms every day at his Makeshift Communion Ritual location. In return, he’ll reward you with snacks to keep you in good spirits.

During the event, you’ll stumble across pumpkins scattered in designated areas. Your job is to crush them. The more you crush, the more RS3 Gold rewards for loot you can earn.

To speed up your pumpkin crushing and partying, Pumpkin Pete can teleport you directly to the action. Say the magic word and the teleportation begins.

RuneScape 3: 2023 Halloween Event Explained & Rewards

Pumpkin Party Mechanics

Please pay more attention to Pumpkin Party during the event. These Parties include special pumpkins with extra spirit. Players need to crush as many of them as possible to gain valuable loot.

Pumpkin Party takes place every hour at half an hour. The event starts at Fort Forinthry, City of Um, or Draynor Village, and the locations rotate in order. Pumpkin Party takes place only in members’ worlds.

Ken Muppet P.I. will appear during the party event. You can find them in the party area with Pumpkin Joy icon above them.

These parties are similar to Wilderness Flash Events, where players have five minutes to smash Party Pumpkins to achieve their individual goals and collective event goals. The personal goal is a pumpkin, while the active goal changes with the number of players in the area.

Party Pumpkins appear as yellow dots on the mini-map and spawn at predetermined locations. But after the first set of pumpkins appears, the order will vary between players. The party always starts with the same group of eight pumpkins spawning, which move to new locations at different intervals. Smashing a pumpkin will cause it to disappear until it naturally reaches a new location, rather than moving immediately.

The party ends when the collective goal is reached or time runs out. If we met both individual and collective goals, it will reward players with five Gourd Gorger Gobstoppers and Agility experience.

While all world event start times are synchronized at the start, event completion or failure may vary. However, there is a 15-minute timer, and players may not receive the ultimate rewards of the extra event after switching worlds.

RuneScape 3: Pumpkin Pete's Halloween Event - Marking the End of an Era

Event Rewards

By participating in Halloween Event, you can earn a range of rewards including unique Masks, RS3 Gold and experience points. Don’t forget to keep smashing those pumpkins and partying to maximize your chances of getting rare drops.

Remember, Halloween Event is time-limited, so make the most of it. Whether you are an experienced RuneScape 3 player or just getting started, this event is a great opportunity to enjoy Gielinor spooky season.

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