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RuneScape 3: A Complete Guide To 2023 Christmas Event! - Quests & Rewards

Recently, RuneScape 3 is hosting a Christmas Event filled with exciting activities and tons of rewards. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a new player, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at this year’s event.

Christmas Village Overview

Located in Land of Snow, Christmas Village is the beautifully decorated centerpiece of 2023 Christmas Event. Players can explore Christmas Village to find new holiday quests, seasonal events, and other holiday items.

During Christmas Event, players can engage in many seasonal activities in Christmas Village. All these activities are related to Christmas theme, and players can earn Christmas Spirit currency by completing these activities.

RuneScape 3: A Complete Guide To 2023 Christmas Event! - Quests & Rewards

It’s Snow Bother Quest

To begin your holiday journey, you’ll first need to complete a holiday mission called “It’s Snow Bother” and take part in various activities scattered throughout the area. These efforts will earn you Christmas Spirit, which can allow you to unlock rewards.

“It’s Snow Bother” Quest is a short seasonal quest in 2023 Christmas Event that players can start by talking to Santa in Christmas Village. Also, players should activate Lodestone to the southwest on the map and have a conversation.

The major goal of this mission is to decorate the city with decorations stolen by the naughty Snow Imps. Each Snow Imps appears as a pile of snow, and clicking on the pile will advance the area.

The three locations where players can find Snow Imps include Falador, Varrock, and Lumbridge.

Once the decorations are complete, you can return to Christmas Village and talk to Santa in person. Talk to him and he will thank you again and reward you for your help.

In addition to Christmas Spirit, rewards for completing this mission also include Lamp of Joy, Lamp of Wonder, Lamp of Laughter and other items. Not only can these items decorate your house, we can also sell them to help you earn extra RS3 Gold.

Runescape 3: It’s Snow Bother Quest

Christmas Spirit

Christmas Spirit is a unique currency introduced during RuneScape 3’s Christmas Event. Players must take part in various activities throughout Christmas Village to get Christmas Spirit.

As a special currency during the event, Christmas Spirit can be used to purchase traditional cosmetics such as hats and scarves in the store to enhance the appearance of the character.

Runescape 3: How To Earn Christmas Spirit?

How To Earn Christmas Spirit?

Christmas Spirit plays a vital role in Christmas Event as it opens the door to Christmas Spirit Shop. So, here I will introduce a few ways you can earn Christmas Spirit during the event.

Complete “It’s Snow Bother”

First, like I said before, you can get Christmas Spirit by participating in Christmas Event quest called “It’s Snow Bother.” And this mission is free and will allow you to take part in festive activities in Christmas Village.

When you complete this set of tasks, you can get 2000 Christmas Spirit points.

Complete Christmas Skilling Hub Tasks

In order to get more Christmas Spirit, you must explore Christmas Skilling Hub, which contains various skill stations.

In this hub, you must complete tasks such as Decoration Making, Ice Fishing, and Snowball Making to earn Christmas Spirit.

Among them, Snowball Making activity can give you at least 2000 Christmas Spirit points every hour. In comparison, Ice Fishing activity will give you more Christmas Spirit per hour.

Also, if you reach level 99, you can earn 3150 Christmas Spirit points per hour without any upgrades.

However, the fastest way to earn Christmas Spirit every hour is Decoration Making. You can earn up to 3600 Christmas Spirit points per hour through Decoration Making.

Runescape 3: Christmas Village Hub Guide

Capture Snow Implings

Another way to get more Christmas Spirit during the event is to catch Snow Implings.

Each Snow Implings is worth 100 Christmas Spirit points. You can find these Snow Implings in Lumbridge, Varrock, and Falador in Christmas Village.

Collect Three Letters

You can also get more challenges by visiting Santa’s Letter System.

You can earn three letters per day by completing challenges, talking to Clementine, and taking part in events. After collecting these three letters, you can place them on the table in Santa’s Lodge to receive Nice Points and Christmas Spirit.

Runescape 3: The Christmas Event 2023!

Christmas Spirit Shop

Once you have accumulated enough Christmas Spirit, you can visit Christmas Spirit Shop and chat with Holly. The store is conveniently located near the bridge and is easily recognized by the prominent Santa’s Lodge sign.

The store includes new event items for 2023 as well as older items from previous years. Therefore, you can easily find the rewards you want.

Finally, the developer stated that any unused Christmas Spirit will be rolled over to next year’s event. This means you can take your time, enjoy the festivities at your own pace, and rest assured that Christmas Spirit you earn won’t go to waste.

So don’t miss the festivities! With rich rewards and engaging activities, RuneScape 3’s Christmas Event is sure to make your holiday even more memorable!

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