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Old School RuneScape: A Complete Guide To The New Shooting Stars! - Basic Info & Strategies

Are you eager to explore the exciting world of Shooting Stars in Old School RuneScape, but not quite sure where to start? This guide will provide you with the basic knowledge and strategies you need to make the most of this recently updated and rewarding in-game activity.

Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars is a fascinating pastime in OSRS, where a meteoroid falls from the sky approximately every 2 hours and spreads across all in-game servers.

We can mine these crashed stars to get Stardust. Each star drops in different sizes, ranging from level 1 to level 9, and has different mining level requirements.

Old School RuneScape: The New Shooting Stars Is Amazing! - Shooting Stars Guide 2023

As a miner, your goal is to accumulate Stardust and experience points. But remember, different star sizes have different bonuses. You can also make lucrative OSRS Gold profits by trading duplicate bonus items with other players. The rewards you may receive are as follows:

  • Stardust: We can exchange this valuable resource for unique items in Falador’s shop.
  • Celestial Ring: This is a non-tradeable ring that increases your mining efficiency even when uncharged. It also increases your chances of getting extra rare ores when mining.
  • Star Fragments: These fragments can change the color of Prospector outfit, giving it a unique golden look.
  • Gem Bag: This Gem Bag contains 40 unspecified gems.
  • Soft Clay Pack: This pack contains 100 rare Soft Clays.

How To Find Shooting Stars?

You can use various methods and tools to make locating Shooting Stars easier. OSRS community has created a dedicated website, Old School RuneScape Portal, which provides Shooting Stars tracker.

It constantly updated the tracker every few minutes, providing information on the star’s class, location, and spotters. Also, you’ll find a dedicated Shooting Stars Discord in live updates.


To start your Shooting Star’s journey, you must meet some prerequisites.

Foremost, Prospector outfit is a must-have for earning mining rewards. We use Max Cape for fast teleportation to reduce the time you spend in the mining process. Celestial Ring maximizes your mining efficiency even when uncharged.

With an Amulet of Glory, you never have to pay for additional uncut stones. You will also need a Gem Bag to store uncut gemstones. Finally, don’t forget about Extra Teleports to help you complete your Shooting Stars journey with ease.

Old School Runescape: How to get the Prospector Outfit?

Mining Tips

The beauty of exploring Shooting Stars is that it’s an incredible way to AFK. You can easily mine for long periods of time, perfect for multitasking.

Stars come in various sizes, with smaller stars taking a shorter time to mine and larger stars taking a longer time to mine. Smaller stars last only 4 minutes, while the largest stars can last up to 24 minutes.

Of course, bigger stars also provide more Stardust and better experience rates. We should note that mining in Prifddinas will also drop additional Crystal Shards.

Earn Rewards

After one hour of mining Shooting Stars, your mining experience is expected to increase significantly. You can earn around 25,000 XP and generous OSRS Gold

The method is incredible AFK and only takes a few clicks. This also makes Shooting Stars more fun and less intensive than other mining methods in the game. You can even log out for a short period and still benefit from the process.

During your journey, you will also accumulate Stardust. In just over an hour, you can accumulate enough money to purchase Celestial Ring, a mining game-changing item. Also, you will also receive various gems, such as Sapphire and Emeralds, which can be a delightful bonus.

OSRS: Shooting Stars Guide


Overall, the improved Shooting Stars provides an easy and enjoyable way to improve your mining skills in OSRS. Whether you are a casual player or a professional miner, this method offers flexibility and glorious rewards. So put on your Prospector outfit, equip your Celestial Ring, and start your mining and Stardust collecting journey!

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