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Old School RuneScape: How To Earn Slayer Points Quickly?

Today I wanted to do a quick guide and Slayer Points boosting example to show you the quick and easy way I could get tons of Slayer Points instantly.

In this guide, I will only cover Regular Slayer, not Wildy Slayer, as I have no experience going to Krystilia yet. If you want to unlock any rewards or missions or if you are like me and always run out of points for skipping during PVM Bingo events. Then you must not miss these great ways to increase your Slayer Points quickly.

Tasks 1-9

In fact, this method is very simple. If you want to increase your Slayer Points, you can go to Turael in Burthorpe. Or you can even go to Spria in Draynor Village and complete 9 Slayer tasks in a row for them. These missions require dealing with fast, low-level monsters, and you can usually complete them in a few minutes.

Note that you won’t get any rewards from these missions, but don’t worry about what happens next. Another important thing to note is that you may not necessarily need to perform the exact 9 tasks. But make sure to right-click on your Slayer Helmet or Enchanted Gem to inspect your missions and see which mission number you are performing.

The target for Slayer Points boosting will always be these low-level Slayer Masters while performing any mission except the 10th mission.

Old School RuneScape: How To Earn Slayer Points Like a PRO?

What Do We Need To Bring?

As for what to bring, that depends on you personally and on the assignment you're given. But I’ll check out things in my inventory that I like, so I’m ready for anything.

I have a full set of gear, from Runes to High Alchemy, Teleportation to Varrock Diary, Falador Diary, Lumby Chest, and my Ardougne Cloak and Desert Amulet, just in case.

I also need to spend OSRS Gold to get some extra Teleportation, Superantipoison, Light Sources, my Herb Sack, some food, or prayer pots. You can also choose to carry an Expeditious Bracelet to further speed up the mission. The bearer of Soul Bearer can pick up any Ensouled Heads, as well as Ash Sanctifier and Bonecrusher, to gain Slayer experience.

The 9 missions it gave me while making this guide were: Cows, Monkeys, Dwarves, Kalphite, Cave Slimes, Jackals, Sourhog, Scorpions, and finally Bears to give you an idea of the types of missions you may be assigned. On average, each monster only took me 3 minutes.

Old School RuneScape: Slayer Point Boosting Guide - Max Slayer Points Per Hour

10th Task

After completing the 9th mission, you will next need to go to any high-level Slayer Masters you have access to get the 10th mission. If you can, you need to seek out Konar quo Maten. Because she rewards the most Slayer Points for every 10 completed tasks outside of Wilderness.

She’ll even give you 10 extra points if you complete Elite Kourend & Kebos Diary. Once you complete this mission, you will receive additional Slayer Points. The amount will vary depending on which Slayer Masters you go to.

When I completed Diary and went to Konar quo Maten again, I gained 100 points for every 10 tasks completed through her. My Bloodveld mission only took me about 30 minutes, and combined with my first 9 missions, I earned 100 Slayer Points in about an hour!

OSRS Basics: Slayer Master Konar Guide

This is how to earn Slayer Points quickly. It’s quick and easy. You’ll have all the rewards and unlocked block slots worth 9,580 Slayer Points before you know it.

That’s it for this guide. If you found this helpful and who your favorite Slayer Masters are, feel free to share. Good luck!

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